Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top Of The Lower Level, Ma! Top Of The Lower Level!

Made it!

In a mere 15 hours, whilst neglecting to beat the living bejabbers out of, really, everyone in sight, we significantly redid our power harness. We had and solved issues, some creative wiring including a surprise disconnecting means circuit in a switchboard we was not anticipating, I had my issues, occasional anger at some points when I felt I was being bigfooted out of my project, (bigfooted hell, I had shoe treads on my forehead), and given time constraints, with everyone already stressed, I was not a ray of german sunshine. But everything got done and utility restored 13 minutes ahead of timetable, and although I wasn't about to got to IHOP with everyone because 

Self Portrait, 11am
and because IHOP, but also because I was trying to listen to the start of the Packers game and near as I could tell it was being broadcast in Japanese and I felt it imperative that I go teh fuck to bed.

But it's done, it's done, bosses are happy, I think I looked good, well, okay, just before review time (blech), I'm at work again watching sparkys do demo and genuinely intending not to do shit until it is time to go home for a well-earned 5 days off...

...trimming out the basement. And drinking. Well, not, actually, but yeah. Don't know, I'm considering it...

Coda: Well, one part of the project, which was somewhat feckin' ridiculously undersold to us (a monitoring system retrofit) and left something to be desired, like planning or workability or accurate estimates to perform installation or vendor reps who stayed awake (there will be phone calls that I'll miss, which makes me sadface, pppbbllfftt) got the plug pulled at about 75% completion, and we won't be doing this shutdown again for a couple years. Not necessarily part of my scope of project, but I got caught in the backwash, but it's past, and my direct supervisor was present and knows teh score...


  1. Also, you were much better off sleeping through the Packer game. Yeah, it's a win, and a division road win, but it was not a pleasant thing to watch.

    The only consolation it that it was a LESS pleasant thing to watch if you are a Lions fan. Or a Bears fan, for that matter.

  2. I like to look at it as a calling, not a job. {/bullshit}

    Its the only way I can justify an overnight shift again after a 17 hr shift.

    Ahhh, but someday, if I can shine a chair with my ass!
    Or more likely, retire, win teh lottery, invent perpetual motion, become a gigolo.

    Neighbor kids selling wreaths woke me in time to watch Crosby's last FG, don't like being that close to the Lie-downs, Calvin Johnson can beat a 4 pt lead with a screen pass.

  3. Same coworker I allowed to live last night is now playing the Adam Sandler Thanxgiving song. May have to rectify the situation.

  4. It was Crosby's first successful FG last night in four attempts (one was a do-over when the Lions called a timeout as the ball was snapped. still missed it though.) McCarthy has to be looking for any available kicker this morning, although I imagine every agent worth a shit is giving him a call first. Wisconsin is going to be calling for Crosby's head.

    Now, here's to BOTH teams losing the MNF game tonight.

  5. Tues am, saw SF whupped Chicago, which is fine with me. I need the 49ers to lose because of NFL realities, I don't especially have it in for them, although if Harbaugh were to be gnawed to death by box elder bugs, I'd buy the pay-per-view.
    Chicago losses, Chicago players arrested, Ditka looking stupid on TV (something amazing dumb every week, or maybe it's just he's dumb), the Great Chicago Fire, these are a few of my favorite things. Goddam FIBs.

  6. McCarthy assuring us Crosby's job is safe :: dude is gone by Friday. Which is kinda too bad, I like Crosby, and he's hit some clutch kicks, but damn is he stinking up the joint this year.