Thursday, November 22, 2012

Remodel Blogging Weeks 11, 12, And Fuck It

Please don't consider the apparent crabbiness of the post title to be more than merely a manifestation of my real crabbiness about the basement remodel.

I have come to hate:

Finish work
The concept and definition of 'underground'

The bathroom work continues apace, slowly, painfully taking shape. Looking at this picture, you would take the floor tile to be textured, and you would be very right, a very rough faced floor tile - my theory being that a rough surface is less slippery after vigorous shower intercour - when wet.

A couple notes regarding Thanksgiving dinner - 'twas mighty, the brisket was perfect, just a hint of brewed goodness to it, peeled apart like a Faberge Egg hit with a small grenade. The scalloped potatoes were fine, just fine, maybe could have used 5 - 10 more minutes, most of the potatoes were lovely, a few could have used a little more time. Holupser, not nearly in my mother's league, but looking to move up (the sauerkraut from a crunchy grocery store near me called Bob's Produce Ranch). Sweetie's salad was her usual perfection, life is good!

Arrangements are made to repair teh truck window tomorrow, and the sleet this afternoon (I didn't mention the sleet yet - forecast was for 55degF and windy, we had sleet, confirming again that I picked the wrong career - TV weathermen are clearly on enough acid to reproduce the collected works of Umberto Eco from memory) was brief, and Sweetie had me white trash my missing window before it arrived,.

Life is still peachy! Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

PS: Also, three cocktails, and bringing in teh Christmas boxes don't hurt none...


  1. I love slate tile. Don't freak out when you get some fracturing of the thin top layers initially.

    I have a red/green chinese slate in our powder room that looks amazing.

  2. That would be cool!

    One issue we've had to be careful of through the whole thing is that there is, after the remodel, little natural light in the basement, so lighting and colors are vital. We put a sealer/polish on the tiles before putting them down to get, not a gloss, necessarily, but some reflectivity.

  3. It's a man-cave, who needs light? The glow of the flat screen, not to mention the wall of Electronic Music Equipment, should be ample.

  4. At one very short lived, glorious part of the process, it was a man-cave. Besides flat-screen, wall of Electronic Music Equipment, stripper pole, furniture with a 20-sided die motif, and tap running outside to the Leinie's reefer... well, atchally, no besides, sounds good.

    Tis now a 'Master Suite', w/ all that entails, such as tastefulness, and putting the damn seat down.


    1. Be proper and put the lid down also. We're not savages here....

  5. The other badness if t'were still a man-cave and finished, I would, at the moment, be doing what I just spent time doing, talking to my dad on the phone about the need to arrest the Badger's coach on charges to be determined later followed by deportation, with the added thingy of stuff to throw other stuff at...

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