Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Stuffing

Got the Replacements on teh stereo (well, sort of a stereo, sort of a cobble job, really, but wait until the basement! he cries to the winds. Ehh, see the Remodel post later today...), a rather feckin' huge coffee, and something dead in the oven. Thanksgiving morning.

We are going significantly less traditional this year, starting with not going anywhere. Sweetie and I are chillaxing, my Bro-In-Law will be here for the meal but then working, and I suspect there will be a cocktail -

OH WAIT! It's the time of year to call it a toddy!
OH WAIT! It's bleedin' 55degF today, end of November!

- cocktail or two, too, also, for me and my Babe!

In the oven right now is brisket, being slow-cooked in Cygnus X-1 Porter, from the Flat Earth Brewing Co. in St. Paul. I spoke to a few people about how to do this, one of the best chefs I know suggested actually Lambic, Kriek or Raspberry

(Sweetie just woke up, and looks like the cocktail is needed - 
"No, I'm kidding, honey, and make me one too"
- looks gorgeous and I'm very lucky.),

but while I'm a competent cook, I ain't'nt necessarily inclined to experiment today. In about an hour I haz potatoes to slice and green onions to saute for scalloped potatoes, than the saute-ing of bacon and onions for holupser, a sort of german cabbage roll, made by my mother throughout my life for special occasions. However, her substantially less culinarily instinctual son can't make cabbage rolls to save his life, so I make it as a casserole, rice, bacon, onions, and sauerkraut. Sweetie is making a tomato, cucumber, and mozzarella salad. We have, by virtue of employment, several turkeys in the freezer, but with just the three of us, and my loathing of next day turkey, unless and until I get a jerky maker, we are not going full tryptophan this year.

You never go full tryptophan.

1 + hour pause...

Sweetie requested I go to the store for a paper and MN Raffle ticket. No, to my knowledge they are not actually raffling off Minnesota, otherwise someone might win it and want to develop it - professional football team, road not causing kidney damage. The pause should not have been 1 full hour, but when I went out to my truck, it was suspiciously fresh smelling and cool. At that point I noticed the smashed window and missing stuff. Had to be kids on a smash and grab, they just grabbed out of the front seat, where I had nothing, save my lunchbox with my diabetic tester, so there is a trip to Walgreens on the plate tomorrow (today was already anticipated to be blood sugar doom). Nothing of value is gone, I had cleaned it out last week, but quite the annoyance. They missed the garage door opener, thank FSM, the garage is loaded due to basement. Guess I have to give some thanks that it is largely an annoyance instead of a disaster.

Life is good, much to be happy about and stuff, I'll deal with the damn truck, and enjoy the day. No Packers, Badgers, or Huskers today, but wevs! A day with Sweetie is all good.

Must saute. Ta, all!

PS: I also give thanks that that Willard teh Windsock is celebrating Kolobs-giving at one of his homes as opposed to planning for a first term. 

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