Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remodel Blogging Weeks 8, 9 and 10

We are at the end of the stage where progress appears small, and yet is quite time consuming - tape, mud, paint, and considering starting a religion devoted to turning the general contractor into a goat (a futile but satisfying religion.) Painting's done, man! Much of the color scheme was picked by Sweetie, and I love it! (my part of it was discouraging certain choices, say any shade of blue, or the argyll runner, and encouraging other choices, such as the stripper parallel bars still in discussion.)

Except for some touch-up work at the end, we are done with the GC, and even though our experience has been relatively tame, especially in comparison to the descents into 7 hells we've watched friends go through, good damn riddance. We now have tile [subcontractor], plumbing [subcontractor], flooring (dry-core and laminate), trim, electrical trim-out, doors, window treatments, closet shelving/rods, moving stuff downstairs, building the fireplace enclosure and tiling that (a cobble-type finish), and enough comms and electronics to keep me at a basic level of entertainment (not, actually, a small number - if an algorithm could be derived for the 'entertainment of paleo') [me, me, me, me, and me]. I'd call things half-way-ish.

Actually, I did call things half-way-ish. Sweetie briefly announced displeasure with the concept of math. Pppbbllfftt! 

Still, we are getting there, and a lot of things, materials, timetable, are now within my hands, allowing us much more control, a situation we am happier with! As we start our end up again, more changes should be visible and permanent, always good for a sense of accomplishment, and we're pretty happy now!


  1. What kind of laminate flooring did you end up with?

    I have been really pleased with Mannington Adura vinyl plank on several projects, and am considering it for our kitchen, when I ever get around to that (I wouldn't hold my breath, it's been on the to-do list for 20 years).

  2. Mohawk, Rustic Oak, 20 year, 1/4" pressboard. With the drycore subfloor, I should get a little more life and comfort (we've been told in no uncertain terms that our knees will love the subfloor in 10-20 years. I'd love to be in the neighborhood for vinyl plank but not right now ;), it would be easy enough to upgrade if the opportunity presents itself.

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