Saturday, December 1, 2012

Does This Make Me A Successful Businessman?

Whilst perusing proselytizing posters in our corporate building today, on a quest for coffee, I noted we have a strong corporate presence in Canary Wharf, London. 

Now, recalling recent history, and the destruction of, hell, the turning into gravel and blood of, Canary Wharf, in general, and Torchwood One specifically, during the batlle for Earth between the Daleks and Cybermen, I'm thinking there may be some slots open - paleo's moving on up  to LONDON! 

Or, preferably, Land's End, but beggars can't be stuff and such, a bird in teh hand is worth a hand in a bush, wevs!

(sweetie - "That's just wrong!")
(paleo - "Just a bit of double entendre, honey - ")
(sweetie - "No, schmuck, business don't work that way! And you are a complete nerd!")

Or, p'raps not. Never mind. Fudge. Imma keep hoping.

Oh, and the quest for coffee! Failed. But I did find an excellent liquid printed circuit board finisher. Called 'Douchey and Gerbert', or some such stuff.


  1. "I only understood like 30% of this post, but I loved it all!" - Kathleen

    Do I have this straight? Loving Torchwood and Doctor WHo makes on a geek?


    Did you live through that chest-grabber of a game today?


  2. Thanks Kathleen!

    Nerd and proud!

    This is a work weekend (again, teh holiday season can make thingys out of kilter), so i didnt manage to see last nights ROSE BOWL BITCHES game until the 2cd half, but when I got into my vehicle at 35-10 it was a nice drive home. Ideal end to the season? We smack Stanford, Bielema either retires or is arrested for cannibalism or ends up NOT being our coach in any way possible, and a mysterious rip in space-time turns Happy Valley inside out. Same working today, now - followed the chest grabber on, my guess is that I would have been very loud, and gnawing my fingernails to the shoulders any time Crosby stood up. I also suspect my dad will be somewhat energized when I talk to him later.

  3. We were at Wife Sublime's holiday party last night, but I just maneuvered to talk to the several guys who were trying to surreptitiously check their iPhones for the score....

    Kathleen left that comment at Pinko's place back in the dawn of time, and it become Words of Wisdom.

    an excellent liquid printed circuit board finisher.

    What do you use as a mixer with that?

    Crosby missed 1.5 field goals, and shanked a kickoff. At one point, I thought McCarthy was going to stride purposefully out into the field, rip Mason's kicking leg off, and beat him to death with it. My bet is tomorrow is Tryout Day in Green Bay. Of course, I have been predicting that for three weeks, but if McCarthy tries to go into the playoffs without a reliable place kicker, he deserves to lose his job.

    1. Its a shame, I like Crosby and he's won some games for us, but you ante's up and you takes your chances, and I think dude's toast.

  4. There was a theory at one point that we would use the holidays to christen the basement remodel.

    Not unless I grow 2 extra hands and a tablesaw...

    Many years ago, I had a cousin, female, who had moved to California, and married a California dude. Natch, they wanted the wedding in Watertown (her parents) and tentatively scheduled it on

    THE FIRST DAY OF DEER HUNTING, and a BADGER-MSfuckingU game. The guys who attended were in the bar watching the TV...