Friday, December 7, 2012

I'd Actually Be Happier If They Would Get Their Memes Straight

As an Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight, as well as an electrician, I am a bug for logic. Whether creating an explosive device with nothing but red wires, thus kerfluffling the easily kefluffleable, or designing a ladder logic program to make things go beep beep whirrr, I count on (whilst, admittedly often being failed by) things working either in a complementary fashion, or in an effective, efficient order. I don't particularly handle things well what don't go teh way I expect them to. (Ask Sweetie.)

I would not make a good Teabagger.

Now, given the hangups and hatred of the rightwing entertainment complex, their desire to see women in the kitchen as well as blood (non-white male) in the streets has allowed this remarkable bit of cognitive dissonance.

Mr. Wayne LaPierre, famous paranoid coward and gun masturbator, NRA President, stated that Kassandra Perkins, the girlfriend of the football player who killed her and then himself* would still be alive today had she been packing heat.
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In a Fox News Op-Ed, an anti-feminist author states that women will be much happier and comfortable being dominated by men, accept it and have babbies ever after.
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Get yer damn messaging straight so we can smack you down, please.

*Dear Internet,

I want to make an early Christmas wish for the families of Kassandra Perkins, Christina Taylor-Green (one of those killed at Tucson), all the kids killed in Norway at the summer camps, and thousands others, in even recent history, killed in high profile cases. As a society, we find ourselves identifying such events by the names of the killers - the victim's names don't seem to matter. Every mention of the Perkins murder is headlined by "Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Xxxxxx Xxxxxx In Murder Suicide", even the ThinkProgress article, and I like ThinkProgress, or "Xxxxx Xxxxxxx On Trial In Arizona" or" Right Wing Media Darling Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Pleads Innocent in Norway". I have a better idea. Let the names of the killers fall away. Honor the victims.




  1. may Evil beware and may Good dress warmly and eat plenty of fresh vegetables.

    Since those assholes at Riddled have abandoned the conceit of BOC lyrics in their post titles, I heartily approve of Tick quotes.

    Also, on the Kassandra Perkins, thing, apparently Asshole LaPew is completely wrong in that she was fully capable of handling a firearm, went to the range with the guy.

    The "everyone should have a gun" mentality just results in the kind of thing where you blow a kid away for playing a radio too loudly. Shooting first is the only way to survive when everyone is packing.

  2. Others have said this as well, that LoopyPierre would love a society walking around strapped at all times.

    That's a hell of a sick observation - which does not change the fact that they're right, and I'll say it as well.

    Same as the "50's" of their childhoods weren't exactly all that, neither did the Wild West exist quite like in the movies. Aargh.

    Also, iPhones are suckage for commenting...

  3. Wow, my router just went all sideways and tossed my internet connection. I had a great comment all set and lost it to the Mists of Cacopon Mountain.

    So let's just go back to how I began:

    Packers, Yay. YAY.

  4. OT: last weekend someone suggested to me that Mountain Dew made a decent mixer with spiced rum.

    I am afraid to try it.

    1. My initial thought is:

      How fond are you of Tums?

      My second thought is that my wife keeps referring to Aaron Rodgers as 'cutie'...
      SO WHAT AM I, HUH??!?

  5. Don't be dissing their cognitive dissonance. If they weren't able to hold two contradictory opinions simultaneously, the jig, so to speak would be up. e.g.: Obama is simultaneously the greatest threat to freedom that the U.S. ever faced, and an effete do-nothing.

  6. I'll grant it does indicate the existence of neural pathways undiscovered by much of the populace...

    Or mad-cow..,