Friday, March 15, 2013

I Need Help With A Linkage - MetaPost

Hi kiddies.

I haz a new and improved "Blogs O' Importance" widget over there on the right hand side (probably holds up hands thumbs out the right) of blogs I think are paramount. At the time, one Mr. Charlie Pierce was entered, his politics blog at Esquire is beautiful*. The only reason for the bleedin' website's existence, in my humble wossname, the rest of the site is pretentious nonsense.

ZRM pointed out a bit ago that my link goes to the Esquire front page, which only rarely has to do with snarky Bostonians and more often has to so with watches, waterproof to 17,000 meters, genuine coelecanth leather banding, fine Latverian gearing made with Unobtanium 47. My blog, not fucking interested. I want to highlight the contributions of Mr. Pierce to the political discourse. 

I tried reloading the /politics/ link a couple times, but I cannot find a way around the fact that the damnable ciphering gnome inside this here naked lady machine keeps deleting the subheadings, changing the link, sending to the home site.


Second Shorter (on the grassy knoll):


Seriously, any suggestions how to defeat this damnable thing? 

*But, Mr. Pierce, should you somehow happen to read this, DROP THE FB COMMENTING SYSTEM, add another registration, I don't care, but I ain't'nt joining Facebook.


  1. They've reconfigured their server to automatically redirect the "politics" blog rss feed ( ) to their main feed and that's why it's giving you trubba.


    All of Pierce's posts still have the old feed link at the bottom, so maybe we could give them the benefit of the doubt that it's a misconfiguration over there. You could tell him about it and see if he knows/cares.

    Also agree wholeheartedly on the faceplace bullshit.

  2. Also, since I FB under my real name, my online nom de blog would be disaappeared. Not gonna happen, even when Pierce is slapping Wisconsin around (deservedly so)

  3. Crocksoaker.

    I'll add a note or something and write Pierce if'n there is a contact email.

  4. Seriously, any suggestions how to defeat this damnable thing?

    Kill it with FIRE!

    Alternative comment: L2 + L1 + R1 + R2 + L3 + D-pad Down

    1. "And if I don't?"

      "You die, she dies, everybody dies."