Friday, March 15, 2013

Ladies And Gentlemen, May I Present, MINNESOTA

I really like where I live. I do. The northern side of the Twin Cities. I've built a very good life here (a lot due to Sweetie, who wants to start her own blog - likely to be somewhat less weirdly inflammatory but have more sewing - love you Honey!). I miss Wisconsin, (knew all the good hunting and fishing spots, and when I first moved to Minnesota, I could have hunted and fished but somehow was never able to - pbbffflltt!!), but right now, politisocially, MN is the far and away saner of the two states.  And then, once in a while...

I like good food, not quite the foodie of some of my online acquaintances but I ain't no slouch. As a diabetic, I'm not technically allowed to eat, well, anything - although very often the packaging is safe. But, once in a while. I like many asian foods; sushi, tempura; Chinese - Szechuan, Cantonese, and American; pad thai (cannot eat now - rice noodles - shooteth me please); and such. There is a, sort of, Eastern/Minneapolis Fusion, bit of a small niche, restaurant in Minneapolis called Gingerhop. It is supposed to be quite good, reasonably priced, good atmosphere. And I give props for any place selling the 'Kim Jong-il Burger', unfortunately not on the menu so I don't know what it is, but on a scale of One-to-Trolling I give it a Beautiful. And I have meant to, and will get to, eating there at some point.

It is now Lent, and in Minnesota (and Wisconsin, for that matter) it is Friday Fish Fry time (contrary to popular opinion, lutefisk is not high on the Minnesota Fish Fry menu, it is technically not organic, as evidenced by the number of enthusiastic lutefisk eaters who are no longer alive yet suspiciously well preserved. A bit on the gelatinous side perhaps. The lutefisk eaters, that is. And the lutefisk. Um. Where was I?)

What is on the Gingerhop radio ads?

Walleye Satay.

Ok. Satay is pretty simple, grilled spiced meat onnastick. I'm with you here- 

Beer-Battered Walleye Satay. With Wasabi Tartar Sauce.

Land Of 10,000 Lakes, everybody!

Does sound good, though, doesn't it?


  1. I went to a "fish boil" in Door County once. That is all I know of Wisconsin, other than how shitty the government is.

    1. Our government used to be great. Then Tommy Thompson started the long decline....

    2. fish boils suck though. It's like lutefisk with less lye.

    3. But a smelt fry on the shore - woof.

      I had Tommy Two-Tongue as Guv for what seemed to be forever, but was in reality only slightly longer. One of the little things unpublicized was the fact that for many years, while he had the board stcked with his own toadies, anyone who pursued a claim of workman's comp to the state board lost. Not a single person. For something like 12 years.


    4. There's a brewpub across the river that includes smelt on its Friday fish fry menu.

    5. Once in a while we'd do smelt on Friday (Catholic - typical Friday menu all year was salmon patties and homemade mac-n-cheese, yummers), but he first shore fry I did up by bayfield, damn, I ended up growing gills.

    6. we weren't Catlick, but the Friday Fish Fry is so strong that it still became pretty much a tradition.

  2. and when I first moved to Minnesota, I could have hunted and fished but somehow was never able to

    Stupid work...

    I had a really kick-ass Kerala fish curry a couple of days ago at a local Indian place. Whenever I get a sore throat, I get my ass to an Indian restaurant. Something about that combination of spices just makes me feel better.

    1. Feeling gloriously well-fed makes anyone feel better.


      This summer, Nemo gets filleted, this fall, Quincy the Quail gets risotto'ed.

  3. I have a helluva time finding decent tartar sauce, I should find a recipe...

  4. My wife accuses me of liking sushi only so I can have wasabi.