Monday, March 4, 2013

Just One Little Creepy Thing, That's All I Ask

DateLine: Twin Cities, MN

Forecast - 17 feet of snow overnight.

Forecast - paleo will be shovelling and plowing for several thousand feet tomorrow.

Method Of Procedure: Load up electronic noisemaker thingy with podcasts and magic music-making plasma-type stuff.

Now, of course, I had to review the podcasts, limited space on iPhone because me. One of my favorites is Beyond The Edge, 'alternative paranormal radio'.

Yes, I happily believe in bigfeets, ghosts, greys, gnomes. Other than a couple weird things in a couple places I've lived, and a couple weird lights in the sky, I done been skunked, but I hope, and so, although I try to be discriminating, I listen and read to many bizarre ass things. GhostHunters until they jumped the shark. The Mothman Prophecies (book) by John A. Keel, a truly trippy document, although some of it is now believed to be a hoax perpetrated on Keel. Ooo - fucking BBC Ghostwatch (I'd start a religion to find a BlueRay copy, yeah it's fiction but it's a great story, got the BBC sued and Mary Whitehall frothing at the mouth.) Hey, other people will pay money to see the new GI Joe movie - I have no concerns that I am out of the mainstream.

Anyhoo, the show was about the Bridgewater Triangle and the Freetown Forest in Massachusetts, famously creepy areas, not quite Skinwalker Ranch velociraptor freaky, but historically nuts. They mentioned the Red-Headed Hitchhiker, something like Resurrection Mary in Chicago. This stuff is so cool to me, I'd like to believe there is more out there than what we see, but again, I'm zero for several hundred. Fudge. Anyone know anything in Minnesota? I've heard wendego stories from some Lakota guys I worked with, not told as a ghost story, maybe pulling my leg a bit, but told as a matter of fact thing, an omen of bad change. Ah, well.

Someday, p'raps, but at least I'll be entertained tomorrow.


  1. There are rumors of sightings of a 'football team'; eerily, supposedly visible at the Super Bowl several times BUT NEVER WINNING! OoooOOooOOoOOooo scary! [/Count Floyd]

    We live in a house that is 108 years old, has been a Doctor's home/office, and unofficial frat house, a rooming house, and an auxiliary aspect of the rooming house up the street. I have no doubt many questionable and macabre things, and not just AFTER we moved in!

    No creepy things. Lived here for over twenty years. Perhaps ghosties are afraid of zombizzles.

    1. There are rumors of sightings of a 'football team'; eerily, supposedly visible at the Super Bowl several times BUT NEVER WINNING

      I've heard that as well, even asked some of the locals once - they just muttered, looking away, changed the subject. I knew I hit bad juju and left it alone.

      Perhaps ghosties are afraid of zombizzles.

      I think it's jealousy of the meatsuit.

  2. I have to say that while I was much like you in high school, I have moved away from such since then. No judging though; zombies are non-judgmental (shut the fuck UP, thunder!)

    When I started my independent 'practice', I spent a couple of years working with a family-owned tannery on the Milwaukee River. Tanning had gone elsewhere, of course, and while they did some hide wholesaling, the couple of hundred thousand square feet of tannery on several acres of river frontage were mothballed and left to rot. I worked with them to try and stabilize the buildings for some time, in the hopes that they could be rehabbed (and based on my experience, they were excellent candidates) but in the interim, we worked to maintain security from vandals, taggers and squatters. At one point, we had most of the doors locked off and there was only one unobstructed path through the 12 buildings still standing.

    Of course, there was no power. And a couple of times, I had to walk through the spaces with no flashlight. And....nothing. Spookiest spaces ever, though. Movie quality. The boiler room looked just like Freddy's home.


    OK, when I was working on developing detailed plans of a couple of buildings, buildings which had below grade tanning vats, one of my friends was helping me measure it in preparation for measured drawings, we were working in the lowest level. At the time, there was electrical service, so there was power for our lights, but it was weak and orange. The spaces were gloomy and smelled like dead animals. We had finished one portion and R moved on to scope out the other side, while I gathered our tools and finished a couple of notes, then grabbing everything to carry through the even darker stair enclosure....


    Of course, it was R, who had found a hooked tool used to stir vats and set up one of the orange lights to uplight his face and waited for me to come out of the stairwell. He scared the branez out of me.

    So, what I learned is that you have nothing to fear from ghosties and ghoulies and the undead cows that haunt tanneries. What you have to fear are your friends.

    1. in the hopes that they could be rehabbed (and based on my experience, they were excellent candidates)

      I worked some in Tacoma, WA about 7 years ago, they were gentrifying the docks on the sound, turned the upstairs of earehouses, really just big, big quonset huts, into high-end condos - someone was making a killing, if the tannery was structurally sound that would have been the trick.

      the undead cows

      The Walking Herd?

      He scared the branez out of me.

      Old Bill Cosby routine - "And I pushed Fat Albert up the stairs and they leaned out the monster - 'Mmrrrmm!'... I forgot... I was behind... Fat Albert."

    2. "earhouses"? That's an unusual mental image, worthy of a Robyn Hitchcock doodle.

  3. ...but if you really want one little creepy thing, I could come up for a visit. creepy thing, for sure. Not so little. However, an uncanny disappearance of your food and particularly, your drink would be noted.

    Also, unnameable horrors would appear in your bathroom fixtures.

    1. Door is always open; rum is always, well, rum; fridge is always full of leftover takeout; I have a thingy to push Cthulu back down into the depths whence it came.

  4. For me our world and the known creatures that inhabit it are scary enough. I spend a lot of time out in the woods, often alone, either hiking, running or on a mountain bike. Mountain lions and bears are fine to look at in a zoo, but out in the woods they are creepy as fuck. Amazing how it feels to realize you're a potential meal. No need for monsters beyond that for me.

    I'm just glad we don't have any poisonous snakes nearby. Have to travel an hour or so for that particular brand of fun.

    1. When I did Field Geology camp in Montana, we found out the best way to find a rattlesnake.

      Hang from a steep outcrop with the nail on your weaker-hand pinkie, clipboard in your teeth, hammer in your other hand, one foot scrambling for purchase on loose gravel, other foot wedged under a rock with circulation starting to fade.

      Next place you put your face is the rattlesnake.

    2. Next place you put your face is the rattlesnake.

      SEE, creepy!

  5. Update whilst refeuling coffee tank.

    Woke up this AM, looked outside, plows were out, didn't look that bad. Dawdles perhaps a bit, but eventually got outside to clean and start cars and clear a path out of the driveway.

    6-7 bloody inches down. Fucking fuckity-fuckall-fuckit darn.

    Scrambling to get stuff cleaned up, garbage out, on the road...
    ...sans music player. And wallet. Pills. Bluetooth, flashlight. Coffee. Sanity.

    Roads are fine, tooling along happily feeling great...
    ...until the first major highway crosses I-35E. Commence to playing license-plate Scrabble for 40 minutes.

    Make it to work only 7 minutes late, but partner is sick, and every vendor in the universe is in today, and I have electrical code update class, and much snow to move.

    Now, snow is moved, shirt is soaked, lunch is in microwave, and class is in an hour. Ugh.

    1. You should listen to the frogs in my "Sounds of Spring" post from yesterday. That'll cheer you up.

  6. we are only supposed to get 3-5 inches. Plus I've got a son. But he'll probably say he has to pack for his trip to Duluth tomorrow. Little savage.

    I have electrical code update class,

    Sounds RIVETING.

  7. I changed the name of my blog back. I think you were the only one to notice. Or maybe the only one who was surprised.

    1. We're just surprised you haven't shut it down and started a whole new one we'd have to track down.

    2. Bloggy Witness Protection Program?

    3. Nah, just zombie tantrums.

      ....uhhh, yeah. Witness Protection. That's what I meant.

  8. I have returned from code class. More or less intact.

    Ears are on strike. Branez cut a hole in the back of my neck and escaped their earthly cage, only to expire before making it out of the door. Trumpets, softly, played Taps, then Flight Of The Bumblebee.

    Left eye is held open with a straight screwdriver.

    Ass is numb, yet fabulous.

    I can tell you everything about Art. 300.


  9. Is Art 300 any relation to Art Bell? If so, eww.

    1. So much paranoia wrapped in one little package...

      Yeah, I guess they are the same. Bleargh.

  10. I got to cross "digging a shallow grave at 4:30 in the morning" off my bucket list today. No crime involved, but it was work related, and I don't give out too many details in public.

    1. don't give out too many details

      Yeah, you just give enough details to intrigue me.


    2. Finally had enough of the portal-people, huh?