Thursday, April 18, 2013

Old Man Yells At Clouds, Needs Tech Help

Perhaps any one of my ones of readers may be able to help with this, and I'm not an IT guy so I'll explain as best as I know, but will prolly look dumb in the process.

So. I have a DVD of an interview with my mother and her family about their time in Germany through WWII and into the US. It was filmed on a mini-tape handheld film camera, and my cousin somehow managed to get it onto DVD. I want to chop it up into 15 min segments so I can post to BlechTube and then to a family blog.

My laptop would not read the DVD at first, until I found a VOB reader (?). It now plays in Quicktime, with sound, and a Title-Chapter menu. I tried to load the three files (in VOB format) to Windows Moviemaker, which I can use (in a dreadfully elementary manner) to create MP4s for posting. The video comes up on Moviemaker, but no sound seems to load.



  1. All I can say is send me the disc. I have a Mac running all kinds of things, and I am almost always able to read and export files in all kinds of crazy formats.

    1. I gotta try to dupe it first, it's one of a kind and important, but if I can I'll take you up on that offer.