Thursday, April 18, 2013

The End Of An Abomination

Way back in the day, not early telebision but in my college years, there was the Sci-Fi Channel.

And it was good. A lot of cheese, Star Treks 1, 3 and 5, one of the Star Wars original trilogies every Sunday afternoon. It even picked up the last few years of MST3K. (Of course, it is also responsible for the demise and burial of MST3K and there is a special fuzzy spark in hell awaiting.)

And then the relentless improving began, the rule of the Overnights and the Demographics. The addition of Friday Night Wrestling. Anime yes, anime no, anime yes, anime no. I believe in ghosts, amongst many other thingies. Sci-Fi started Ghost-Hunters. Excitement for paleo. And added wrestlers. [And Meatloaf (WTF?)] I don't believe in wrestling. It then jumped the shark entirely, with every show finding so much evidence for everything that by now everyone should have a pet poultergeist. (Difficult to housetrain, however.) 

Then they changed their name, under the assumption that Hooked On Phonics is the new Esperanto.

More reality programs. I don't know about you, but I like  the movie Highlander. I like Battle Beyond The Stars, I LOVE The Last Starfighter. I do not love Scare Tactics.

And now, premiered tonight?

Deep South Paranormal

Appears to combine the hard science of Paranormal State with the sophistication of Gator Boys/Extreme Exterminators/House of Flav.

I need the execs tarred, feathered, and sentenced to Celebrity Tick Check for a season.


  1. I hardly ever watch it anymore, ever since they started devoting airtime to two redneck high school teachers with 20 year old Radio Shack cast-off equipment, wandering around in IR video, and ALWAYS startled by doors. "Who closed that door??!?!?!" "How did that door open??!?!?!?!" "That door was LOCKED??!?!?!?"

  2. "There's something wrong - there should be a door here!!Eleventy-One!1!"