Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unavoidable Breaks Require An Extraordinary List O' Catch-up

My last post, written in the middle of a string of 12 and 13 hour days, was a tad bitter and a bit drunkenly phrased, mostly because I was bitter and drunk. So let me go back in time a bit.

Cue: Swirly bullshit...

I had a planned week of my usual shift combined with commissioning of switchgear, my project so my commissioning. As such, the week+ went long, long days, making arrangements, coordinating vendors, taking my own notes, deciding on parameters, keeping bosses in the loop and happy. This was being done successfully, until the usual blips:

  • A position I applied for, that I was qualified for, and although I was nervous about taking a bite that big on my way up the ladder, that I wanted, had face to face interviews. I, on the other hand, had not even had the polite phone HR interview informing me that I lacked even the qualifications of a Denny's dishwasher, and that I should consider a career in organ donation. I then managed, quite neatly, to run into and get introduced to the interviewer, while he was taking a tour. I can do math. I pasted a smile upon my shocked, yet devastatingly good-looking visage, and salvaged meeting this fellow, but this was not an interview. I lacked my usual good humour for the remainder of the day, got home, and spilled bile upon the intertubeez. The sociopath referred to? Got an interview, and whilst I prefer he go away by any means legitimate, I haz a bit o' pride, as well.
  • I found I needed unexpected matls for commissioning, in a hurry, and managed quite neatly to order twice as much as I needed of a much higher quality than I needed, and then had to inform my bosses, who are very good guys, but sonuvadammit.
Honestly, it was a successful, but exhausting, week. And on the last day, I found out the sociopath pooched the interview. Doesn't help me, but I gotta say the schaden was very freude - even though I'd still in the end be pleased if young Manson left my division via promotion or incarceration. Pbbffllttt!

Had a weekend recovery, including barbequeing with friends - Sweetie insisted I do nothing useful or with purpose for the weekend, and as is far too common, she was right. We saw, on the cheap (On Demand), A Haunted House, another Wayans Brothers epic. I gotta say, if little enough money is spent, and you're in the right frame of mind, it's funny. My recommendation and caveats.

After a reasonable work day Monday, today I got roped into another commissioning, not my project, which from my end entailed 12 hours of watching our building management automation and replying to an endless round of "do you see the pressures? Temps? Run on and off indicators? How about now? Are you sure you're online? Are you sure I'm online?" But done!

So, right now I am being nice to my cats and trying to catch up with news and people. B^4 threw a fastball at me that I couldn't help but be weird at. ZRM had a bloody great weekend, I is envioso! 
News of the world:
Tim Tebow got a workout at Spring Camp for the Lingerie League - the general consensus was that his footwork was troubling.
G(enocidal) W(arcriminal) Bush* opened his library. In a fit of reminiscence, they attempted to move protesters to a free speech zone in the Meditteranean Sea, they gave a bag of money to Hamid Karzai, and Dick Cheney shot someone in the head. *There must be differentiation between President Footie-Pajamas, Patrician Doofus Murderer Bush, Silverado Savings and Loan Bush, and Never Gonna Be President Until Granny Wrinkles Says He Can Bush.
Louie Gohmert (R. - Cuckoo's Nest) presented proof on Glenn Beck's show that President Obama bombed Pearl Harbor, failed to say the phrase 'Klaatu Barada Nictu' correctly while retrieving the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, and shot the sherriff, although he cannot prove the President shot the deputy. Yet.
The White House Correspondent's Dinner - Sarah Palin honored the restraining order and merely twitter-twatted at it, while Wolf Blitzer picked up a few more restraining orders for his collection, nothing to rate with his classic Lindsey Lohan episode, but the Justin Bieber is rare, and he had yet to add the de reguerre Order of The Blonde Republican Sex Kitten with Crossed Granite Countertops. Top notch, Pimp-Hand!
Posting will resume more or less normally until the next crisis, and beatings shall continue until morale improves. Ta, campers!

This has nothing to do with anything - it just makes me happy now...


  1. failed to say the phrase 'Klaatu Barada Nictu' correctly while retrieving the Necronomicon Ex Mortis

    MAybe he didn't say every little syllable, but he said them MOSTLY right....

  2. Looks like we're going to get a new FCC Chairman.


    1. You know, Obama has done a number of good things for social policy, and I will not minimize that, this stuff is important. But as a whole, in economic policy and the spheres around it, say, teh FCC, he is FUCKING DREADFUL. I want same-sex marriage, a lot, and YAY! Srsly. But Keystone? His economic advisors? And now after we manage to kibosh CISPA, for a bit, anyhoo, we get another damn lobbyist? That sumbitch appears to be a pure wanker. I'd like to say why in the fuck do we bother, but we have to.

      Fuckers. All of them. Jesus swinging a bag of hammers, we're in a hole...

    2. trust a carpenter to think hammers will help you get out of a hole.

  3. I am undecided whether "We Are The Beaver" or "The Arrogant Worms" is the better band name. Maybe Arrogant Worms if you are working the ska-punk side.

    1. From a Noisewater post, the perfect punk band name:

      Let Us Be Assholes

  4. Jesus swinging a bag of hammers, we're in a hole...

    Goddam that dimwit carpenter swinging hammers when we are all sitting in a hole. No wonder we are all brain-damaged.

    fucking skilled trades.

    1. Fucking architects find it so goddam easy, bending 4 inch rigid with a pencil.

      No wonder we are all brain-damaged.
      No, that would be painters and caulkers.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I hope the Vikings pick up Tebow. Or the Bears; what the hell, the Muppets of the Midway once played a high school teacher at QB.

    1. Oh please oh please oh PLEASE bring Timmeh to teh Muffindome, the entertainment value alone, the blog topics, will overflow like a cup with too much stuff!

  6. Also, I have to admit that I shorted the video at first, but finally listened to it.

    They have actual albums. They are like Barenaked Ladies with a Red Green sense of humor and no desire for mainstream success. Songs like "Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass", "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" "The Mime Abduction Song", "Go To Sleep Little Leech","The Prescription Drug Song" and, of course, "Brian's Balls".

    Perhaps they will become tiresome; folkish whimsy has kind of a shelf life. On the other hand, the Rugburns never released enough albums, so it's a downloading I go....

    1. Sweet Holiday Turkey, they have a Christmas album...

    2. folkish whimsy has kind of a shelf life
      They've been around for a bit, of course, Canada is kinda cold, may increase shelf life. And I freely declaim my worship of BNL, one of my top 5 of all time.

      Sweet Holiday Turkey
      Fudge - as much as I love the holidays season, I can no longer feast like I used to. Poop.

    3. And I freely declaim my worship of BNL, one of my top 5 of all time.

      Saw them at Summerfest a couple of years back, after they cut Coke-Boy loose. They seemed uninspired.

    4. Probably too warm that far south...

      The whole Steven Page thing, to listen to them on their 'All In Good Time' album and the press takes with it, seems to have been very bitter.

      New 'Grinning Streak' out in a month, I'm all geeky, (they're at Summerfest again but not New Brighton? Hell, I'll wire my backyard for sound, dudes!) woot!!