Monday, April 1, 2013

There Is Actual Stuff To Write, But No Time At This Second

New Companion Clara 'Oswin' Oswald? 
Thank you very much may I have some more - I think she's gonna be a lot of fun.

Moving day, paleo and sweetie go underground with the moles?
Done, more to say but I am still bitter, well, not really, but it is done and I found my other shoe and we moved B-I-L into his new bedroom where he has space and the stripper pole sweetie would not let me erect in the basement and we now have a spare bedroom with a bed so no more of anyone sleeping in the street, LUXURY, We dreamed of a street to sleep on, why when we got home father would thrash us to sleep with his belt, where was I?

Why did Gluegle put up a picture of George Lopez for Easter? 
The War on Easter has clearly ramped up. Next thing you know, Peeps will be limited to under 16 oz. and then, STUFF!
(PS - My insulin depleated pancreas dripped with fear and sweat as I typed that sentence. And yes, 'depleated'. Don't judge me.)

Does anyone know of a good book/tutorial on Microsoft Project and on ITIL, sort of For Dummies style guides? The stuff I see online looks likely to make my poor old sodden heid' go all splodey, all multiple PDFs and the dreaded Microsoft 'Help' guides with the damnable paperclip, known the world over as 'Clippy, Executive Assistant To The Four Horsemen.' 

"Horsemen of what?", you may ask.
Notre Dame? Well, Notre Dame is evil, a lot evil, the kind of evil that makes evil things say, "Bollocks, you cats are genuinely fucked up!" But not evil enough.
Teh Apocalypse? Bah, luxury.
Something really evil, like the Man-Eating Cow, or Joseph Stalin.
The Four Horsemen of the Wells Fargo Wagon from The Music Man? Warmer, fuzzier...
The Four Horsemen of any western starring Kevin Costner? Teh Eagles?

Oh, and the below, ZEUS - ARE YOU GONNA WASTE MY TIME,  is frakkin' awesome! Hard to describe, compare, like the Eagles if they weren't so flippin' evil. (The Four Horse of Teh Eagles? I can roll with that I think. See above edit. Joe Walsh remains cool, however...)


NO. This is nothing at all like the godforsaken Eagles, who are to music as lemon meringue is to new brake-pads - pointless and likely to cause multiple deaths. I will go with The James Gang, however...


  1. For a guy with no time to write, you sure wrote a lot.

    1. Generally when I write something like "no time to write", it is more of a goal, 'cuz other stuff. And then something reminds me of something reminds me of something reminds me I'm cheesed off at something and 25 minutes later you have a pile of bloody nonsense as exhibited above.

      When I actually have something I want to say, that takes thought, and research, and editing, so's I don't come off as a raving strawman, that takes much more time, and carefullinity.

      That's why I am generally v. impressed with your stuff - I don't know how much time you put into it, but it is almost universally excellent. Imma just usually letting my nerd-flag fly.

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