Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Things On My Mind

Chick-fil-A, a chicken fast food chain, has a reputation of 'piety'. They don't open on Sundays, their reasoning being something along the lines of allowing their employees to attend church and spend the Xtian sabbath with their families. Actually, that is not a dreadful thing. Be nicer if they paid the employees worth a damn, but that's silly talk. They start to get annoying when they play in the realm of marriage equality, as one would expect, given 'piety', on the side of the idiots. Hell. Well, they have the right to be dumb, I don't like it, I have had their food, when one is traveling, you gotta do, etc..., and it's average fast food, but I'm happy to ignore them, because dumb. But now, they've lied about the Muppets.
Maybe I'm a touch unmature, the possibility certainly exists, but I adore the Muppets, always have, from Sesame Street on up the age scale. Chick-fil-A, assuming they survive the well-earned lawsuit from hell, must be leveled, and their parking lots plowed under and salted.

The Summer Olympics, and debut of Lil' Annie Romney's Wild Windsock Dancing Horse Show and Magic-Underwear-Palooza, starts tonight. They of course have the hellaciously hyped Opening Ceremonies, immediately followed by figure skating. The biggest kept secret is the official Bic Lighters©® Igniter Of The Torch. If it's not David Tennant, the Olympics are invalid.

The last couple weeks, I've gotten into Farscape on Netflix, the cancellation of which is yet another example of the erstwhile Sci-Fi network not knowing it's audience, it's mission, what it is calling itself this week, it's ass from it's elbow. Great show, another Henson Production, atchally. Humor, action, more than a fair amount of semi-kink (srsly, much sexy and black leather, not that I'm into anything like that... Well, a bit, p'raps. Such. Also.) Take a look, y'all!

Please keep circulating this tape:

I'm not on Twitter, it's fun to read some of the choicer bits that others find and highlight, but, as you can tell, I doubt I work well in <140 characters. (Also, sweetheart would prefer I not find another distraction). Sometimes there is a tweet I that I feel a need (as unlikely as it would be for the original slapnuts to see, much less note, my carefully considered rebuttal) to respond to. I now hazes a blog, so I can at least post in response. This is via TBogg:
My response, Mr. Taranto of the Wall Street Journal On-Line, had you been there?
"I doubt that you, who would have pulled children and grannies in front of you to save your worthless hide, could ever be worthy of anyone's sacrifice. Suck a tailpipe."

Was that 140 characters? Ermph, regardless.

Hell with it, gotta get to work, me and teh bro-in-law going to see Darn Knight Rises tonight, so rock and roll!


  1. Farscape was pretty good. It was no Firefly, but pretty good.

    Lexx also had some interesting moments.

    1. Love Firefly - absolute love!

      I liked Lexx well enough but could not get wired into it, some neat concepts, yeah.

  2. But now, they've lied about the Muppets.

    Why don't these fundagelical types ever heed their holy book when it comes to "bearing false witness"?

    1. The concept of the 'righteous lie', one of the oldies but goodies on their hit parade. Bbbllfffttttppphhh!