Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ugh. Sigh. Stuff.

Conversation at work as I did my rounds.

Co-worker: “[paleo], I just read that there are 9 gun shops for every McDonalds in America.”

Interesting enough opening. I’ll play for a minute.

p: “Okay, so for the Cities, there must be what, 100 McDonalds? So you’re saying there are 600..”
Co-worker: “…900…”
p: “…yeah, 900 gun shops. Not sure I can see that.”
Co-worker: “Well, they don’t maybe advertise too much. The paper only prints stuff like this when something happens, and then everyone loses their minds and starts talking dumb about guns.”

Must keep my job. Must keep my job. Must walk away.

“Ummm, yeah, [Co-worker]. Later.”

That whole losing-my-sense-of-humor thing. Can’t scream, either. Fuck.

This seems actually appropriate:


  1. nah, 900 gun shops in Minneapolis/St. Paul seems about right. After all, you're Vikings fans.

    Yeah, all those STORES that don't ADVERTISE. That's where the success is.

    ...sheesh, doesn't anybody know what critical thinking is anymore.

  2. No such thing as a Vikings fan. This town is the biggest bunch of homers on the planet - if teh Queens win, it's "We're on our way to the Super Bowl woot!!one!" With a loss or eleven, "Well, I don't really follow sports..." You pusses, I lived and died with the Pack for 20 years before seeing a winning season.

    Critical thinking? What do you mean?