Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If You've Ever Met The Right One...

...the heart leaps, the leg tingles, the p-

(Nooo, honey! The contractor, goddam it. Chillen sie!)

As I was saying, I may have met the right one, contractor for my basement. Let me esplain - no, that will take too long, let me sum up.

Teh Paleo homestead, ranch style, only without dressage horses, has a finished basement. Finished in the sense that it is considered livable space - MN laws do some spelling out. What they do not spell out is that the space be done capably or efficiently, and my basement is neither. Veni vidi vici, it is not finished to me, and I wish to do some mild rearranging.

So, my obviously jealous sweetheart -

(Seriously?!? Ummm, honey, I'm straight. The only naked thing I want to see is you. Plus, he looked like Fred Durst. Alleged singer. For alleged rock band Limp Biskit. Yes, he's a douchebag. Excellent. May I continue? Oh, whiskey and diet pepsi, please, thanks, babe!)

                                                          - have decided to create the tiny space of our dreams. She gets her master bedroom and fireplace, we get a corner tub and dual sink bathroom, I get my entertainment center - bigscreen, blueray, stereo, stripper pole...   ...   ...I've just been informed that we will not be revisiting the stripper pole conversation. I mean, of course, we will, I've never asked for much, but it does not bode well for simple lil' paleo. Rats. 


We've been soliciting some prices/bids/whatevertehhell you'd call them from contractors, and it has not been an entirely satisfying experience. One of them doesn't really seem to want the business, or so we judged from their tragic inability to operate phones. 

One seemed a bit above it all as I was guiding him through our needs, not aware that I could damn well do the whole damn thing myself, but have some money and don't have the time. I know what I'm talking about, and my need for help and advice does not mean my only exposure to this stuff is Bob The Builder.

(Sweetums is setting up Netflix for dinner. Imma suggesting Nude Nuns With Big Guns [really, check it out] but again, I've never asked for much, but it does not bode well for simple lil' paleo.)

A third I have yet to actually meet with, she has my rough drawings but needs to experience the specialness first hand. 

(Oooh. Jim Gaffigan, Mr. Universe. OK!)

But, the fourth contractor I spoke to was in this morning, and the vibe so much was very good. He was the first to actually redo my measurements, not that anything is wrong with my roughs but I really appreciate the attention to detail, he informed me of a couple things I did not know as I was shooting out ideas (unfortunately, potentially spendy things - pppbbbllfftttt!) - I was seriously pleased. Still have to see his price, of course...

Gots to get back to laundry, fudge. Please enjoy this little weird thingy!

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