Monday, July 30, 2012

paleo Is More paleo

Yay! It's my birthday! I've finally reached legal drinking age...

...ummm, again. For the many-ith time, in fact. Rats.

However, this is a day off*, so Imma kicking back some, after running errands going to have a relaxing evening and hit it again tomorrow. Not going to post anything of world-shattering meaning today, oh, wait, one thing:

If we manage to avoid a small thermonuclear exchange with Israel, Palestine, Poland, the UK, and Delta Fucking Airways before Willard the Windsock is done with his world tour and Missionary-Palooza I'd be eternally grateful, 'hanks, dude.

Just posting a little fun stuff.

Love this tune!

John Lennon...

Stephen Lynch is the sickest, funniest bastard on the planet! Cool vid, too.

("Honey, its spanking time!!!")
Gotta go!

*I work a very weird, yet not random, schedule


  1. *I work a very weird, yet not random, schedule

    I hear ya, bro. Happy birfday!

    1. Ugggh. I'll never mix carrot juice and radish juice again. Thank you young man.