Friday, July 20, 2012

Knives Don't Kill People, ...

Has anyone watched the news today? Ho-lee shit! Some guy carrying 4 knives and dressed as a ninja went into a movie theatre and stabbed 12 people to death and wounded several dozen more in the space of a couple minutes.

Noone else in the theatre was carrying a knife to stop him. This is truly a sign of God being driven out of the public schools.

Just getting some confirmation, just a moment...

Mmm-hmmm. OK. Yep. Errr.

My apologies. AR-15, shotgun, two pistols (bought legally, wouldn't want to make unfounded accusations). Kevlar body armor. The part about God and the schools, that's apparently true.

All you manly NRA guys out there masturbating with your 9mm 's, please make certain the clip is loaded, locked, and the safety is off. Just want you to get the full thrill out of it.

And fuck you, you sick, bloodthirsty fucks.


  1. It's pretty damn depressing. Our country is nuts.

  2. Jeez, B^4. What in hell is it gonna take? I saw yesterday the president dipped his toe into a little gun regulation, you'd think a little bit of common sense would creep in, but I expect the backlash from the He-Man Small Penis Club will be fierce.