Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jonah Goldberg Has Written Teh Dumbest Thing On The Internet Today

Via Mr. Edroso, he of strong stomach, finding a chestnut of true stupidity from Loadpants, and my reaction to one choice pearl of wisdom thereunder. Ahem:

Real J-Gold:
After all, as famed Sovietologist, Sting, would later argue, the Russians love their children too.

What the fuck, you goddam strawfucking lunatic?! What does Sting have to do with the story, with this TV show?!? Is this another attempt to prove your GenX cred? Fucking Sting?!?
What, seriously, is even wrong with the sentiment? Did the Soviets have a particular reputation for physically and mentally abusing children, or am I thinking of James Dobson showering with his boys to demonstrate the utility of teh penis and Becky Fischer babbling some fucking thing, might be passages to summon Kandarian demons, I don't know, at her camp full of young children and all of Michele Bachmann's foster kids who mysteriously did not help her campaign for president and Sean Hannity and Michelle Maglalang stating on Fox that they would have been thrilled to have only been beaten with a belt?
When did Sting make any special claim of knowledge of Soviet life other than making a metaphor suggesting we all calm the fuck down and maybe not cuisinart each other? Is this like you claiming to be an expert on anything beyond internet midget eskimo porn and vintages of Frito-Lay products?
Are you seriously walking this close to the fine line between clever and stupid?
Please, for the love of FSM, eat a bag of yummy, fried, salted hammers and shut the fucking fuck up, you goddam jackass!!!!


  1. Too many jackasses and an insufficient number of mean dominatrix-sorts with whips. The ruin of civilization, I tell you.

    1. dominatrix-sorts with whips


      (Pulls chair closer)Do go on...

  2. Sting is liberal, therefore HAH! Jonah runs rings around you logically!

    1. Rarely has such an argument been made with such bullshitbullshitbullshit.

  3. Sting (pretentious twat) does give liberals a bad name.