Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Rainy Day (Redux)

Marimba music creeping into my dream, why is there a marimba player in Canada and where are my clothes and eyes opening...

Ugh. So tired, so many days in a row, still so much crap to do, want to stay in bed.

(flash. . . .grrrooooowwwllpoundpoundpound. . . thump-p-p)

Eyes open, brain assessing, absentmindedly skritch kittens, thunderstorm again. Poop. Tear one hand away from kittehs, find phone, wrong phone need work phone grab other phone we're not on generators good.

Note on bathroom mirror, wash 'nuff gunk out of my eyeballs to find my wife made me a lunch - damn she's sweet - dressed, tea, out the door, driving through rain planning the day lightning has passed my site but rain is continuing in earnest poop.

Which also means this afternoon with be 85 degF and 14,337% humidity and poop.

This made me happy driving in:



  1. Replies
    1. Tonight after I watch it, and if you spoiler it I shall do something, possibly uncalled for.

    2. Good thing I don't have a blog.

      Total geek night. Got some serious gin and tonic action in the afternoon with a good old friend, then excellent pizza in Bayview, then Star Trek, and when we got homeland, the new DW ep was just starting.

    3. Total geek night
      Jayzus does that sound like a nice day. I just gotta keep remembering the light at the end of the tunnel is real and not a train. What'd you think of Trek?
      I had a pretty physical day and when I got home, I weren't gonna start the DW ep due to the likelihood of falling asleep before teh end of the opening credits.

      LALALALALAImma give you such a pinchLALALALA