Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Simple Beauty Of The Fall Theatre Season

We have made a date with friends to see the travelling tour of Wicked in September. Don't judge me, I like some musicals. Andrew Lloyd Weber should be boiled in Budweiser (which might be the only time in it's corporate life that Budweiser has been a public good. I digress.) I prefer things be weird or clever. I've heard the book Wicked is great, the play is good, and they bear no actual relationship to one another. I'm happy to see the play, and the book is on my ever increasing list. None of this addresses my central point.

Whilst shopping tickets at my employer, I noted another entry on the fall season.

Now, Imma not overreact.

The movie was okay, nothing special, I've never found Demi Moore to be especially attractive or a particularly good actress, Whoopi Goldberg was funny in it, Patrick Swayze was a good actor with lousy taste in screenplays:
Red Dawn
The Dumbass Thing With Keanu Reeves
Roadhouse (which did serve one public good)

I've thought about it - Imma overreact.


We've been down this path - 
  • The Musical of the Play of the Musical of the Movie of the Play of the Cookbook Hairspray
  • 12 Angry Men: An Odyssey In Mime
  • The Human Centipede with Kristin Chenoweth
Ghost the Goddammit Musical. The libretto, when the falling window ruins that one dude's day? I suspect written by Taylor Swift. Vincent Schiavelli played by Zac Efron. 

Seriously, eat a bag of salted male genitalia, fucking soulless vultures. GAHHH!!!


  1. When I was making a living, I once bought Wife Sublime season tix to the local Rep theater. (Milwaukee Rep, check it out) and the subsequent year season seats for the Skylight Musical Theater (again, goofle if you want a taste). WS is big into theater, based on a couple of high school plays she was in, and especially the musical stuff. It wasn't as epic as the Piano Gift, but it was good.

    It was not the best thought out way to set up the gifts, as suddenly I became obligated to renew them every year. But, of course, those renewals do not count as gifts anymore....

    We also got season tix, eventually, for the youth theater, First Stage Children's Theater, one of the most acclaimed children's theater groups in the country, as well as the premier young persons theatrical education group.

    So we regularly see a wide range of absolutely top-notch live theater of various types. Having seen a few shows on ACTUAL BROADWAY, the only thing different I see is in stage size. the local actors are terrific and the shows they pick are a mix of classic and modern. Saw a live-stage version of Little Shop Of Horrors, fer cry. Also, Avenue Q was a total party.

    We don't feel a hugely compelling need to see the touring shows (except for Spamalot, of course)

    But I too prefer the weird or clever, and for all of that, the First Stage was the one that always delivered. We saw them do the Hobbit, and Christmas Story; Cat in the Hat and Cry In The Dark. And they always use kids in the show, and the ability of these kids to carry a show is fucking unbelievable.

    As I mentioned, we had a riot watching a local actor, Gerard Neugent, DESTROY the rest of the cast (a la Tim Conway) in a performance of the Nerd in a 300 person theater.

    After trading up our season tix, we have fourth row seats for the Rep and the Skylight. We saw the world Premieres of a play about Frank Lloyd Wright and one about Lombardi.

    Like I am with music, I love the live performances, and while I am happy to catch the touring acts if they seem likely, the local stuff is so so good and rewarding that I know where I feel my time is better spent.

    Enjoy the live performance of the Human Centipede.

    1. We have the Guthrie - saw 'Twelfth Night' redone as a 20's Gilded Age/Mobster thing - theatre in the round. It was very cool. Sweetie saw 'Rent' as a basement play, very stripped down, liked the music, and I saw it a lifetime ago and liked it, but now, anytime I think of it, it blends with the AIDS song from Team America. She has seen Avenue Q locally, I want to see that, I'll fix that as soon as reasonable and Urinetown. I'd like to see Little Shop, Spamalot. (My father in law wants us to buy a boat - it's a nice boat, I need more info, but it would change any immediate future plans...)

  2. The Rep did "Othello" as a biker drama. All hard rock and Sons of Anarchy theme. It worked.

    1. Hilariously, while I was digging the soundtrack, it was fun to watch the typical theater folks squirm in discomfort at the volume.