Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Is The Middle Of The Week That Is

There is wonderful news:
Minnesota passed marriage equality!!
I am in fact quite happy, a jump into modern times.

I am from Wisconsin, of course, and until Tommy Thompson, Wisconsin was far and away the greatest state in the union, and it is still a beautiful state, even with the Randroid demons in charge, but per Lil' Scottie Rat Molester, the public sector will soon be looking up at the paradise of Alabama. I would feel sorry for my relatives, but far too many of them voted and re-voted for the master of hamster cunnilingus. Minnesota, the best government in the US currently. Of course, no fish, too many mosquitoes, no professional football, too many Minnesotans who ain't my wife.

There is better news:
I took a position in my department that will become a Monday-Friday 8 hr shift. 
The transition will be brutal. There is no one to take my position, so I will continue with primarily 12 hour days, with frequent short days in-between to do my planning duties, but the goal is mid-summer, and keeping at least one full day off per week until transition is complete. YAY! dammit!!! 

This picture makes me happy right now.


  1. Congrats on the new gig!

    And Oregon is clearly the best state. Clearly.

  2. Thanks dude!

    And Oregon is clearly the best state. Clearly.
    Every time I've tried to eat in Portland someone has attempted to sneak watercress/alfalfa sprouts onto my food. Not that I'm bitter.

  3. As of 1630 CST, I am now the PM Planner.

    (And shift lead. Electrician, chief bottle washer, etc. For a while yet, but okay, Imma getting there!)