Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Return Of Batshit-Crazy Acid-Eyes Michele Bachmann

Not really a return, or new, but Lip Reading fun! (h/t Alyson Chadwick, DailyBanter)


  1. "The Hispanic Piranha Prom Had One Jew Person."

    O.K., that's what she really said, isn't it?

    1. Does have her sort of flair, innit.

      Jayzuz, she's a complete human whack-a-mole game, but due to the make-up/gerrymandering-within-an-inch-of-its-life of her district, pretty safe. Ugh.

    2. What's her district like? Everybody I know who's in Minnesota is awesome, who the hell lives in her district?

      More importantly, who's running against her? She can't be bringing much money into her district.

    3. Her district is home to many Twin Cities upper crust, from Target, Best Buy, etc, and also two megachurches that I know of, including the Babbling-fer-Jazzerzus temple of Prosperity Dude Mac Hammond. (She and Marcus don't actually live in her district, never understood that rule.) Between those two constituencies, and some careful gerrymanders, it is roughly R + 6 or so, and pretty rigid. Nevertheless, she didn't win by much, didn't help she spent her aborted (SWIDT) presidential run in Iowa proclaiming her Iowanessitude.

      Her opponent last time and this time is a dude name of Jim Graves, businessman (and v. successful with hotels). He's lite-Blue-Dog, jumped on Obama last week over the IRS, but not a bad sort. Certainly an improvement, but then, a basket of week-old bread would be a leap into the future for the district.

    4. So he's just a lesser evil. What's the point? I'd write in Noam Chomsky.

    5. I could do that here, Betty McCollum is fine but I want Alan Grayson, goddammit, or Ellison, fer that matter.