Sunday, May 12, 2013

Post Wherein paleo Attempts To Get Back On Track

So, posting has been light. I can make a lot of excuses, will make a few excuses, but primarily after 10 days of no posting during a crucial part of my project, and additional stress accumulating, I lost momentum. If'n anyone has been enjoying my little doggerel, it is no less than I enjoy writing my little bits of nonsense.

This should have been a fishing weekend, much like last year at about this time, but my buddy's cabin is about 30 miles north of Detroit Lakes, MN. (For teh geographically challenged, that is basically really fucking north.) Unfortunately, part of this opening weekend trip has been, historically, putting a dock in the water, putting a pontoon boat in the water, putting bait into the water. As of Wednesday night, there was no water, and no great impetus to drive 4 hours to ice-fish.

As such, Sweetie and I have been having a low-key weekend, being nice to each other, nice dinners, doing things together, gathering scientific data on the efficacy of different lubri - nice dinners. Trip to Costco (damn them, and I like them too, but holy hannah them sunzobeetches should be giving me stock by now.) At her request I have introduced her to

with the first Serenity 2-parter and The Train Job. She is starting to dig it, and I am trying to clue her in as much as possible without spoilers.

In the news, Minnesota is this close to having same-sex marriage, by legislative action, even. This pleases me a great deal.

There are a couple marriages I want to see - plus, this may be my last chance to go to a strip club with Sweetie's approval.

Of course, the 'Queens firing Chris Kluwe at the same time, on a team in a town with one of the NFL's largest gay populations, is somewhat discouraging. There were some very legitimate NFL reasons to let him go, and remember, there is only one thing in the NFL that matters - MONEY, but the whole thing is a bit smelly, especially on a Viking team that still employs Chris Cook and continued to employ the star players associated with the Love Boat Incident. In an NFL that collectively fellated Ray Lewis at the last Super Bowl. Bullshit.

I stand a very good chance of having, for the first time in my adult life, a banker's hours job. First time ever, 8 hrs, Mon-Fri. Yes, it is part of the on-going saga wherein I have cursed American business to hell and back, and explaining that getting ahead requires a sort of carefully applied derangement, hating your bosses, your co-workers, and your customers in precise amounts. The deed ain't done, and if it be not so, you'll hear in in the news:

Headless Blogger Found - Laptop Also Down
TL;DR Final Screed Appears To Be Code Based On Fuck
Fox Nation Reports Furry Slashfic

Finally, this makes me happy right now, with some caveats...

  •  I think Court And Spark is an amazing album, but I am not specifically a huge Joni fan
  • Although the lyrics work beautifully in this song as an additional instrument, a reading of the lyrics straight shows them sans the music to be self indulgent crap - gosh, it's so hard to be David Geffen, and to have to go to Paris every so often to be free of my responsibilities
  • The little flute breaks, I remember, as a kid in my dad's land whale with the AC Delco on, and it's the shit
  • I've been to France and liked a great deal of it, over, admittedly, only a few days, people, bread, college-student-budget wine, so please do not take me for a standard issue American Francophobe, but Paris is bloody horrible, FSM it's horrible, evil, and the Danes/Swedes/Norsemen burning it to the ground every 20 years or so should have been a lesson followed and encouragement taken

Some topics and self-annoyance having been accumulated, watch this space...


  1. I used up some client gifties to take Wife Sublime to this joint:

    And now I'm working. Banker's hours? LOOXURY!!!!

  2. K, frakkin' DROOL.

    And now I'm working.
    Yes, but at what, upper 6 figures?

  3. Well, Paris is no more "France" than New Yuck is the U.S.

    I liked it though. And probably wouldn't have liked France if I'd ever left Paris.

    1. Part of it is that by no means, even now, am I a city boy, even given where I live - I can get out of town completely in 15 minutes, and driving into town, I better have a good purpose, like employment or Sweetie.

      And maybe if I'd have had the money to do the Paris 'thing' my experience would have been different, although simply because of who I am, I still would have preferred the country. But, my experience, such as it was, was not good and I have no desire to see Paree again.

  4. Also, you're kind of cruel, setting Sweetie up with Firefly like that, when you KNOW what happens in the movie....

    1. Hell, she watched Buffy Ssn 6, she can handle anything.

  5. Just so you know, IF I spend the entire afternoon watching Capt Tightpants and crew, it is YOUR fault! And I'm good with that.

    1. Capt Tightpants

      Hey, my wife reads this - no giving her ideas...

    2. don't tell her about his nekkid episode.

      But that one also has Christina Hendricks, so there's something for everyone, I guess.

  6. ::::sigh::: I need some lighter entertainment this week. Capt Tightpants AND Christina Hendricks could work for me. I like to look at EVERYone.

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