Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A "National Mental Health Registry" Is A Distraction, And A Load Of Garbage

Listening to Stephanie Miller this morning, the topic, guns.

Steph seemed to be open to a National Health Registry of some sort, accessible as part of a background check for a gun purchase. Steph, I love you, but fuck that noise.

Reports of the Newtown shooter indicate that he had aspergers or an Autism Spectrum disorder. Well, news flash: he did not go into the school, beaming autism rays at children, whereupon they fell gently on their backs, hands folded over their chests, with cherubs, a single tear at the corner of their eye, hovering over them.

He went into the school with a rifle, a large clip filled with .223 shells, tearing into his victims. I can't, don't, just can't imagine the scene - just can't. I have no connection to Newtown, except being human, and I was torn the fuck up.

Mental health is an issue between a patient and doctors, relevant family members, the courts if it goes to that extent. Mental health treatment funds need to blown up by a factor of 10,000%, or perhaps the pants-pissingly afraid gun-wankers of the NRA forget that it was Saint Reagan who closed mental health facilities and slashed funds for treatment so poor, mistreated rich fuckers could get a tax break they didn't fucking need.

Children are, or used to be taught, that if they see a gun, they should call an adult. The NRA used to be part of that educational process, but no more, the NRA line is, "If you see a gun, grab it, love it, care for it and it will care for you, hold it tight, now ease your zipper down...ummm, sorry,  or the black guy in the White House will take it away."

The NSSF, GOA, NRA (too many syllables - I'll call them The Coward Gun-Fappers With Metallic Penises) want the mentally ill registered, but not guns and their lovers.

Let me restate that.

The Coward Gun-Fappers With Metallic Penises want the mentally ill, even the worst of whom can be treated and cared for and members of society, publicly outed (along with scorn, fear, and knowing the republicans, locked away in a hole without treatment, at best), but Bubba gets his RPG and 5 gallon bucket of KY Jelly and no one has to know.

Do not let TCG-FWMP get away with this crap. The problem is the guns. Yes, people can be be killed by hammers. And frisbees, and turnips, and lawn sprinklers. By the sane and mentally ill.



  1. They also believe that in order to protect their rights to protect against a fascist police state, that there needs to be armed guards in schools, theaters, hopsitals, pretty much everywhere.

    Yes, in order to prevent the police state, we need to create the police state.

    Paranoia is a helluva drug.

    1. Is the cognitive dissonance a bonus, or the bad part of the trip?

    2. Well, it IS the mindset that created "we had to destroy the village in order to save it".

      George Orwell's moldering corpse is trying to shriek "It was a CAUTIONARY TALE, you festering boobs! Not a fucking INSTRUCTION MANUAL!!"

  2. "Name the genre, I have a favorite in it."

    Country music.

  3. Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins, Dixie Chickies, Alison Krause, Nickel Creek. Hank Sr. and the 3rd (Jr. is a fucking doof.) Lot of alt-country (public radio is a lifeline to sanity.)

    Anything on hick radio after say 1980 is generally bad southern rock or an Eagles ripoff, and the I hate the fuckin' Eagles.