Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's Been A Good Week To Be A Democrat

I'll say it. I love Hillary Clinton.

Not her politics, especially, I'd vote for her in the general against any of the Grand Old Brownshirts but she's a bit moderate whereas I am a full-blown socialefticommigressive. However, I will not deny, it can not be denied, that:

Motherfucker's gonna have to buy the large neosporin to salve his tuchus after that spanking. Go to hell, ya bunch of shrieking red-assed buffoons.

Viralize this, please!
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  1. Viralize this, please!

    Done!. I am presuming you stoled it from the empire.

    Over at Balloon Juice, it is pointed out that teh Wingnut Echo Chamber will be pouncing on the line "What difference does it make?" out of context and trying to make THAT the point of the Benghazi Scandal. So they got the chew toy they wanted; hopefully it will get none of the traction they desire, although I would be surprised if it isn't posted on Drudge already.

    1. presuming you stoled it from the empire.

      Initially yeah - FYWP has the e-mail feature - seriously kickass, I get an email any time you drop gobbets of fingery flesh your keyboard errrrr, make your art. (Sorry, freudian slip or some such.)

      posted on Drudge

      Not looking or taking the bet...

  2. Hell, though, doesn't it just point out how outmatched the Repubs are against the first team of Democrats? Obama, Clinton (both) Reid, Pelosi, Biden.... it does remind one, though, of the old SNL bit with someone playing Dukakis saying of GHWB "How am I LOSING to this guy?" The wonder is that the Right has any power at all. How is the Left not crushing these buffoons?

    1. Teh cognitive dissonace is amazing - vast majorities of everyone agree with all 23 (weak-sauce) executive orders that emanated from the gun-safety commission. But point out they came from the Blah Avenger, Usurper-in-Chief, and it becomes

      "They'uns grabbin mah guns! You know, them'all! Hayulp! Ah need mah AK-16 and mah Best uh Duh Nuge 8-tracks!"

    2. It was like watching the GB-SF game and wondering why the Packers weren't jumping up and down on that Kapernickle every time he crossed the line of scrimmage.