Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Intellectualism Of The Right Wing

The snarkier side of the intratubez has had a couple of days gloriously slapping the remarkable, or occasionally remarked upon, anyhow, psychialogist Dr. Helen on her post replying to a question made by a strawman about "What is wrong with women?"


Apparently, in this dude's experience in online dating sites, women's profiles frequently seem to request or prefer liberal men. Her commenters started up with their usual pseudo-analysis of us dirty libs, "Oooh, women just want men they can control its unhealthy women have a secret internal need to be domesticated that's why my marriage has been happy and silent for 30 years even without the times she ran..." I'm not going to pile on here, others better than I have been doing so gleefully, but I want to talk a bit about the party of 'cold logic', the party of 'rational thought', unlike those rudderless 'emotional progressives', like, um, me.

I'm watching The Daily Show, Stewart is fisking Glenn Beck and his conservative compounds, and it had the ever popular "Hitler was a vegetarian" so vegetarians = bad. This is cold logic, rational argument in action.

"Did Hitler cause liberals or did liberals cause Hitler? What does the sugar have to do with it?"

"Do we need more guns, or bigger guns?"

"Is President Blackity-blackbama the Anti-Christ or Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds?"

Hey, I can play too!

"Do jelly beans cause Alzheimers, arms deals, and astrology?" (I like the black ones. Like my never mind.)

"Does crying cause orange skin?"

What are the twin towers modern republicanism is built on? Can we all agree they are Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan? Good, thought so. Howzabout this?

"How would Reagan Go Galt? Stop making movies with chimps?" (Warning, Freeper link, bad for your brain and opinion of humanity)

Responsible gun ownership:

(To make myself clear - I am not particularly a pop country fan, this is actually a fairly good song, not groundbreaking or anything, but listenable. But the lyrics are terminally fucked.)

"Is the redneck yokel goddam peanuthead who pushed using the name Ronaldus Magnus for that criminal bastard a sociopath or a sociopath?"

Ah, hell.

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