Saturday, January 19, 2013

Now That The NFL Is Done For The Year

For all intents and purpose.

San Francisco Salamander Molesters at teh Atlanta Falcons

Jim Harbaugh, affectionately known by his college and pro teammates as Ol' Douchenozzle, directs his 49ers against Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Harbaugh, the fratboy cobag who invented buttchugging and lucked into Colin Smackayackanick, has an uphill climb in Atlanta against the quietly efficient Birds, but this should be a very entertaining game. Falcons with the home field advantage, 34-31.

Baltimore Ravens at the New England Patriots

Bill Belechick, affectionately know by his players and the rest of the NFL as Ol' Satan, holds the field against the Ravens, led by Ray Lewis, known by the Baltimore PD as Ol' The One That Got Away, playing his final season. Lot of intensity on the Baltimore sidelines because of that, but Ol' Lucifer wins going away, 31-14.

The Super Bowl Matchup: Patriots - Falcons

Thus it has been written, so say we all.


  1. I expect the Falcons to target CK if he starts running. Still hasn't learned to slide, them legs will snap like matchsticks. Alex Smith comes in as replacement, and is so rusty he looks like Jay Cutler. Wisconsin feels like justice is served. Falcons 30 SF 12.

  2. But I have a large green kitty toy to disassemble and a floor plan to revise. I doubt I will watch much of the games. I am just getting over the Throat Leprosy and have been sleeping an average of 11 hours a night.

  3. Bummer. Now if the Ravens win, there is going to be a sportscaster-gasm over teh Harbough Bowl.


  4. Still hasn't learned to slide
    Google "Jim Harbaugh is a classless douchenozzle."

    I am just getting over the Throat Leprosy
    That's called a 'redneck tonsillectomy'.

    Real paragons of taste, the jackholes. Please, dear FSM, tell me you've seen this...

  5. Obviously, I suck at prognostimacating.

    I will predict this regarding the Stupor Bowl, though: We will go to our friend Amy's party, with jambalaya in hand; she will be making hurricanes and we will get pleasantly hammered with friends. Food will be eaten. Booze will be ingested. A game will happen. We will pay as little attention as possible.

  6. That is an awesome plan - when the Packers played last, I couldn't have any fun, too worried, especially because Rapelisberger concerned me. This year, ice fishing tourney Saturday, (goddammed preventive maint procedure Sat night), then nice Sunday.

    with jambalaya in hand
    Fresh whole bay leaves? Okra? Yummersdrool...

  7. teh Harbough Bowl.

    Fucking fuckers! Goddammit! Gonna be unlistenable, mute the bastards...