Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How Lucky Can One Dude Get?

I just turned 45. Not especially overjoyed about it, as my half-wrecked body belies my age, but there you go, one of the smaller milestones. My wife is overjoyed that I am once again a full year older than her (in some mathematical realms... She'll catch up in a few weeks. Heh heh heh.) and that I can't catch her to beat her ass when she reminds me of it. Eh, it's all good...

We had a celebratory dinner, wherein I got cards from my cats (don't ask) and a couple big-ass pieces of walleye. Came home, and received my gift from my brother-in-law and parents-in-law.


I started dating my wife in June 2007, still coming down from a rather hellish divorce. Major financial issues. Employment issues. Housing issues. I was at rock fucking bottom.

Since then, I have good employment, a wonderful home, started retirement accounts, going fishing with my father-in-law this weekend, and I married my dream girl. She (and her family) may not always understand what I am saying, but they understand what I am, in this example, a huge nerd, and now I have a sonic screwdriver.

Jesus H Dammit I love my life!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where's The Socially Conscious Anthem About Electricians?

Spent most of yesterday in a return air plenum ceiling.
Anticipate a fair chunk of today being the same.
Thought my new job meant I got to tell other people to do what only a JW electrician (on my shift, me) is allowed to do... Oh.

Never mind. Poop.

Aug. 19 is now the official date - my normal shifts will be Monday through Friday, 8 - 4:30, doing maintenance planning. I still have to cover vacation/sick time for the incoming JW sometimes, but my job will be contractors, vendors, and scheduling my own group.

Until then...

Best I could do for electricians.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


A Daily Banter writer and the writer of Deus Ex Malcontent, Chez Pazienza, posted on Daily Banter this morning that discussing the story of George Zimmerman saving a family from an SUV runs the risk of becoming a version of Truther, the "George Zimmerman SUV Truther", another form of conspiracy theorist.

I'll cop to being a conspiracy theorist. Hell, I believe in hundreds of off-kilter thingies. Not so much Tea-Bagger / 9-11 type conspiracies, but SkinWalker Ranch? Nazis in Bolivia? Mitt Romney as a Dero? Sure.

I got into a little debate, the people debating me probably not entirely in good faith [/snark], but I'm curious - am I off base here? Is my opinion clear here? Do I sound like a 'Bagger?

paleotectonics9 hours ago 

Mr. Pazienza,
Respectfully, given the stakes of the situation, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If a legitimate third party (not the Sanford PD, incidentally) reports that this in fact happened, fine. Good for him. He is still a murderer, but golf claps. There is no independent verification so I have a very difficult time accepting this as a real event.
wahoosam  • 6 hours ago 
The problem with a conspiracy theory is that everything that disproves it becomes part of the conspiracy.
I agree that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. But a SUV turning over is not an extraordinary claim.
paleotectonics to wahoosam   • 5 hours ago 
The SUV turning over is not the extraordinary claim. Mr. Zimmerman's presence and actions are the extraordinary claim. Please read what I said. If this in fact happened (Zimmerman comes upon a burning crash scene and saves a family of 4), good for him. Yay. Does not change the fact that he's a murderer and should be watching Judge Judy inside Okeefenokee Penitentiary. But I won't believe that Zimmerman was Superman-o'-teh-day until an independent party backs up that story. And then I'll still think, yay. Good for him. And he's still a damn murderer.
Schneibster to paleotectonicsan hour ago 
Why are they an extraordinary claim? Zimmerman's trained to do exactly what he did.
Maybe you forgot.
paleotectonics to Schneibster5 minutes ago 
Let's try this one last damned time. I won't even address your 'trained' statement. Fine, he's watched an OSHA video.
Given the stakes, the fact that he needs an image makeover tout suite, this is very convenient.
Therefore, I request independent verification of the event.
If independent verification of the event can be produced (NOT Mark O'Mara, the Sanford PD, any Florida news station or politician, Rush Limbaugh, or any other party with an interest in the sanctification of Mr. Zimmerman), yippee. Slow clap. Congratulations. Still a murderer. Still should be in a penitentiary.
If independent verification cannot be produced, then I call bullshit. And he is still a murderer. Still should be in a penitentiary.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Crazy Also Rises

Great Fuckballs.

Why is it the further you go out on either side of the political spectrum, the more you sound like

There May Be A Reason We're Dumb

The latest Congressional approval ratings are out, and Congress is preferable to being shoved through a working jet engine, but not by much. 83% disapproval.

Doug Limerick this morning, para "Congress is disliked by both Republicans and Democrats, for different reasons, (and this now is a direct quote - paleo) but the dislike is bi-partisan."

Let's ignore for a moment the fact that he is clearly unfamiliar with Funk and Wagnalls. 

  • Some conservatives hate the Republican party because they have embraced (ie. not impeached) teh OBlahma
  • Some conservatives hate the Democratic Party because they are clearly commies, and are bound and determined to have the government take over Social Security, and try to feed people who really don't deserve it, and mix the bags of blood, Sharpton and Robertson, therefore causing the Singularity. Okay, Tea Baggers don't think that deep usually, first of all, 5 syllables. Second of all, 'think'
  • Some liberals hate conservatives because they are Evil. Yes, I am an example of the Straw Lib who thinks the conservatives are not merely wrong, but Evil. Stick 'em into a microwave until it explodes, leaving bits of burnt evil all over the kitchen
  • Some liberals hate the Republicans because DRONEZPATRIOTACTNSA
  • Some liberals (ie. me) are not fans of the Democrats because they, like the President, are endlessly conciliatory, ready to compromise before they make a proposal, have the spine of a slime mold, and because aforesaid libs (ie. I) are actual socialists. The only thing keeping them from being called Rockefeller Republicans is the fact that the last Rockefeller Republican is mounted on a wall in Limbaugh's den (no, the Beached One didn't do his own dirty work, he has a boil on his ass, he couldn't even go to Vietnam because of it. It was Ped Nugent.) is insult to injury
Goddammit. Bipartisan? Even on a feel-good story like this - why can't the free-est, bestest press on earth get things in the ballpark of reality?

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Order of business: we have additions to our list of achievers.

The Political Environment, seems generally Wisconsin focused (and, as I am a lonely outpost of cheesehead in the godforsaken state of Minnesota, I still pay attention), and appears to be a fresh new rabbithole for me to crawl down. Via ZRM

the portfolio of Mike Pleiss, an artist of my acquaintance and a helluva good guy. This is not a sales pitch for him, I am not certain he is doing much more than showing his stuff and getting his name out right now, but there is contact information. I think he has a lot of good stuff there, one of which he made as a woodcut for my wife and I as a wedding gift. Give it a look if you like!

For The Record: A Word About Theodore Alvin Simon Nugent

This came up on an earlier thread, and I want it stated clearly, for posterity:


He is the original Pedobear.  It's not just the 30 y.o. - 17 y.o. thing, that's just creepy and skeevy, but in many places legal. No, he in effect adopted Pele Massa to sleep with her. In a just society he would be doing life with Roman Polanski.
That is all. Mill about purposefully.

Why is the statement
not the post title?
Because I don't need spammy comments from barelylegal69, russianbrides.com, or Ted's fan mail from the Michigan group* of NAMBLA.

*I hereby propose that any gathering of two or more pedophiles be called a 'nugent'. Thoughts?

Friday, July 19, 2013

I Want To Elaborate A Touch On Sex Workers And Right Wing Hypocrisy

In my previous post about politicians and morality, I made a blanket statement that hypocrisy is a prime motivator of the right wing. They live for hypocrisy, practice it in every day activities. It's why a sex scandal that ruins the heathenistic (love that word - I'm taking credit goddammit!) barely affects the good ol' boy member of the Rotary Club/Southern Baptists/White Citizens Council. 

I mentioned, in a couple of the scandals used for illustration of my position, the involvement of sex workers. To repeat my thoughts on sex workers,
**I don't have the slightest inkling of a smidge of a bit of a problem with sex workers, with a few basic crucial considerations:
  1. Full consent of the sex worker. There must be NO coercion. No UNDERAGE bullshit. (You touch a kid, I'll throw the switch myself.) The worker must get the full benefit of the sex work. In other words, pimps are evil.
  2. I'd like to see it legal and out in the open, so there is regulation, and the same civil protections afforded any other workplace.
  3. Safe sex. Safe sex safe sex safe sex. Included in regulation.
I want to add to that. 
The True Wingnut Believes:

  • All men deserve all vaginas, and all vaginas belong to, and must be provided by request, to every man
  • No woman controls any vagina
  • Any specific woman's vagina belongs to only one man. If teh vagina has spent time in the company of a second man, aforesaid woman bearing the vagina is a slut
These points all lead to the republican position on sex work.
The True Wingnut Believes:

  • Sex is a right, and owed to a man due to the fact that he is a man. All ur vagina belong to us
  • Pay for sex? Pay a woman for access to vagina? Scoff! Harrumph!
  • I need those notches on my belt or I am gay. From teh vagina belonging to my woman, hence my vagina, and all other vaginas which are also mine. But my woman must be pure, owned by her daddy before me (SQUICK - purity balls aaaiiggghhhh!), and appropriately grateful I pay her any attention or beat her when she needs it
Lastly, The True Wingnut Believes:

  • None of this matters if you don't get caught

No, none of the above makes the slightest bit of sense. Not a sausage. And I think I've got it 100% right! Am I on the correct track? 

I Love Elizabeth Warren In An Almost Unhealthy Way

Imma repeat that for appropriate emphasis:


And, because CNBC are a collection of the biggest slapnuts on earth, a video link that works.

Also, Jim Cramer, from CNBC's Mad Money?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Politicians And Morals - Can They Ever Make Common Ground?

A Canadian politician, Mike Allen from Alberta, was caught in a prostitution sting in St. Paul on July 15th.. The headline of the linked article, from the HuffPo, is not entirely clear*- the gentleman resigned from the governing coalition, not his seat.
*(I know, the the HuffPo? Misleading? The home of Jenny McCarthy and the Big Brain Radio Show misleading? I haz a shockeded look on meine face...)

My local morning drive show, The Grind w/ Matt McNeil, reported on it, and the guest and Mr. McNeil both talked about how sex scandals can ruin a career, using, as a key, both this and the electrical female stimulation pleasuredome sent to the woman on the planet most likely to be unaware of what female pleasure is, (or male pleasure, or pleasure in general, or any sensation not associated with having dropped enough acid to change the outcome of a world war), Michele 'No Wire Hangers' Bachmann. I disagree. To the paleophone!

I think only liberal politicians pay a price for a sex scandal. Republicans do not, at least not a real price.


  • Anthony Weiner (Dumb. Did not actually physically meet the poor woman. Resigned.)
  • Eliot Spitzer (Also dumb. The sex worker, well, let me state my opinion on sex work below. Forced resignation.)**
  • Bill Clinton (Ridiculously dumb. Consenting adults. Hillary may be allowed to cut off the Clenis, no one else's goddam business. Impeached, crippled 2nd term of presidency.)
  • Diaper David Vitter (Baby play. Hey, whatever gets you off, peachy. Barely even discussed in the DC Madam case. He is still in the Senate.)
  • Newt Gingrich (Made an intern's opinion on cheating and availability to marry him a question for employment interviewees. Has SundayPundit TV show, ran for president went on book tour.)
  • Mark Sanford, newly minted Representative for South Carolina (Hiked the Appalachian Trail all the way to Argentina on the taxpayers dime.) 
  • Guiliani (serial cheater) Limbaugh (pedophile) Nugent (pedophile) LoofahBill O'Loofah (In a cunning plan, made Andrea Mackris rich, consent, motherfucker, do you speak it!), etc. etc., still highly regarded members of the Wingnut Circus.
And yet, we are the heathenists. Why does the cognitive dissonance not leave splody wingnut headscapes? Hypocrisy, I Got Mine Fuck You, The President Is A Blah, Imma Be Raptured You Ain't'nt, any of these, all of these, or any combination.


**I don't have the slightest inkling of a smidge of a bit of a problem with sex workers, with a few basic crucial considerations:
  1. Full consent of the sex worker. There must be NO coercion. No UNDERAGE bullshit. (You touch a kid, I'll throw the switch myself.) The worker must get the full benefit of the sex work. In other words, pimps are evil.
  2. I'd like to see it legal and out in the open, so there is regulation, and the same civil protections afforded any other workplace.
  3. Safe sex. Safe sex safe sex safe sex. Included in regulation.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Department of Complaints Department Goddammit

There is a crisis in teh internarfs - a lack of kittehs.
To the rescue!

Queen Diva Kitteh

Psycho Punk Boy

I also heard that we are suffering from lacks of humorous thingies.
Also to the rescue!

Conservative Christian group mailed vibrator to Michele Bachmann: report

By Eric W. Dolan
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 22:52 EDT

Just a note, you can look into those eyes and see crazy forever. Or acid. Crazy and/or acid.

ZRM and Syrbal/Labrys, hope this helps!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My $0.02, Re: Florida

I've been sucky at the bloggish thingy,

I've ridden past Snowden. SNAP/teh Ag Giveaway To Worthless Rich Assholes Bill. Boating stuff, basement stuff, personal stuff. Music stuff. A young beer connoisseur, OBS, posting Flight 666 - Iron Maiden was my band, still remains one of my three. ZRM embarrassing the Milwaukee J-S with Summerfestblog. The forsaken, useless, dead (intellectually and, well, given the drought...) wasteland called Texas (an old hibernian word meaning "Nuke it from orbit"). A lot to say, but stuff.

Gotta interject on this a bit, quickly, though...

I'm sure these exact words have been written somewhere, but Imma rewrite them, credit them to whomever you wish.

It's open season on any Others. Anyone not a white guy with a 9mm penis is a target. The Republicans have had a refreshing taste of blood, and they do love it so. Hoverrounds everywhere had a spring in their, umm, wheel? Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity looked deeply into each others eyes, and expressing the love that hath no name, ordered Ann Coulter to read Ayn Rand to them.

Zimmerman, having won an ALEC issue, is suddenly going to find himself very popular and very lonely. Popular because he will be a FoxBot in 3..2..1... Lonely because, I don't know, he just doesn't seem to fit in at the country club. Well, maybe the greens crew.
Gretchen Carlson: "Thanks, Jorge, and we'll be looking to see your debut with H-h-h-eraldo H-h-hrivera on Fox Latino!...And..cut!"
sotto voce: "Now get him off my stage, goddammit, I have standards, and you're scarring my grandmother!
American justice system? I've read a couple legal analyses, primarily at LGM, stating that, on the legal merits, it was likely the right verdict. I respect their legal opinions, certainly I am not a lawyer, and also certainly, they are trying to be dispassionate and comment on the case as it actually took place. 

I, however, would add 'goddammit', and also 'bastards', a sprinkling of 'motherfuckers', 'fuck it', 'fuggit', 'syphillitic whores', and an 'if this is justice, fuck it, we motherfucking bastards are at the mercy of the 27% society, the syphillitic whores who vote for these soulless gun-worshipping cowards, goddammit I hate republicans.'

Not entirely on topic, but somehow appropriate, not too many words would have to be changed: