Friday, June 9, 2017

Not Just Politics, In Terms Of Process, Sean Spicer Is A Failure

There is a suit coming over the Tangerine Tumor's tweets. Specifically, can the dipshit block people on Twitter. Columbia thinks it's a First Amendment issue. Sure, this is lower on the scale of Donny's World Class Gold-Plated Monkey Fucking A Football Theme Park, considering Comey's testimony yesterday, but it is yet another instance of, well, ongoing coverup of everything the stupid son-of-a-bitch does. "YAY! He eats Kentucky Fried Chicken! Wait, he declared war on Themyscira??!?" 
The case may have been in a little bit of a grey area, hinging on the fine line between @RealDependsWearer versus @POTUS45, but then here comes Sean Idiot Spicer.
Mini-Goebbels stated that Trump’s tweets are “official statements by the president of the United States.”

Before I go into this, please note, this post is about process, not personal political feelings. I'm a political addict and so view politics not merely as an constant droning clusterfuck designed to make people suffer, but also in game terms. The elections are my Super Bowl. Unless the Packers are in it, then the Super Bowl is my Super Bowl. 
My strongest personal feeling is that Orange Zika is a monster and needs to be removed from office, so keep that in mind when I look at the game.
This is on of the things that drives me craziest about Spicer. Not the lies, the whiny-ass tantrums, credentialing alt-right dickheads and sitting them in the Press Room.
Tony Snow and Ari Fleischer lied like monsters, daily.
Tantrums? Look at footage of Ziegler. Fleischer with his threats of concentration camping journos - "Best be careful of what you write, Winston".
Crap-ass journalists - Fleischer allowed Jeff Guckert/Gannon, or whatever name he used during those long policy discussions in Rove's dungeon in the gimp suit. Ed goddammit Henry, useless git. Anyone that Sinclair has ever put in there.
All these peckerheads were good at their jobs.
Yeah, their jobs were to spin and obfuscate, but they were professionals. They protected the President.
Spicey has horrendously screwed his boss on a number of occasions, including this one. The statement about President Asterisk and his tweets being official government statements ended this court action right then and there. Columbia wins going away. Yes, Lil' Seany is a bad person, but as a political junkie, what drives me about 3/4 nuts is that he really sucks at his job. What is he going to do when it's not fluff?
He has no business being in that position. Amateur hour. Just horseshit at it. If you're going to fucking lie to me, I'd appreciate it if you did it with some style or professionalism. Fleischer got away with actual physical threats to the press because he knew how to do it. Snow got away with his unending Gish Gallop by being actually good at it. Ziegler was a good flack because he could hold two completely polar positions within 30 seconds and keep moving, he controlled the room. Hell, no matter what else you may say about Conway, Kristallnacht Barbie, she is a really good political person. She had a huge part in this election. If she were capable of, if she had, used her talents for good, I'd nominate her for sainthood. Spicer is really bad at this. The political junkie in me finds him horribly inept. We HAVE to pay attention to him. He can't simply be dismissed. But were it not that position, I wouldn't spit on him if he were on fire. In terms of the game, the addict in me thinks he's not worth the electrons.
The patriot in me thinks he needs to be dragged out of town by his little toes and fed to the alligators.