Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just A Few Brief Words On The Duggars

I'll admit it, I am taking pleasure in the hammering of the Duggar empire - those parents are filth, and dangerous. And yet, even in my schadenfreude, watching that sick fuck JimBob and the manipulative 'doormat' Michelle twist, there is a lot of anger:


While Josh Duggar was certainly old enough to know right from wrong, and needs so badly to go to jail, he was also young enough that this was likely to be a learned behaviour. Given the number of pedophiles (twice since you let JoshBob walk? Really? You jackal!) in their life, how can you discount the possibility that the only lesson JimmyBob failed to teach Josh was how not to get caught? JimBobby was well-versed enough in the law to know 'now that authorities are aware, cover-up until the statute of limitations is passed.' (This Defamer article breaks things down pretty completely.)

Now, I know the children won't even get those basic protections, because Arkansas. I know Josh and those subhuman parents won't be going to jail, because it's nice to have friends. I know those kids, especially the 4 girls, and the 5th from outside the family, won't get therapy, because fundamentalists. I know that even if they tried to get heavy counseling, but were unable to pay for it because they have no jobs, no schooling, may be illiterate (I'm sure JB ain'tn't too concerned that wimmenz learn any sort of ciphering), and have no social skills, they could get no help with it, because Republicans.

This is fucking tragic. No one is paying attention to those girls, least of all the parents or their religion of love. No one would be paying attention to the case at all were it not such a well known family. And no one pays attention at all to the other, countless, hell, often unreported, cases of child abuse and child rape.

Two other brief things.

  • To answer the charge that this is just a liberal roasting Christianity: 

Fuck you. Like most Americans, the vast majority of my acquaintances are Christian of some flavor or other. (As it happens, I work in the field of IT/content provision, and see perhaps more religious diversity in the workplace than many, but still, metric shit-ton of Christians.) My father's side of my family consists of quite observant, generally conservative Catholics. As I quite openly believe in any number of loonacidal beasties and ghosties, I can hardly discount the possibility of greater powers and greater intelligences. (The magical hirsute sky-gnome concept, that watches you, judges you, and if you molest a kid you can ask to forgive you? Not so much.) These Christians in my life are generally decent people, tolerant of other cultures to one degree or another, but unlikely to raise flame and pitchforks if a gay Muslim environmentalist public-school supporter were to move into the neighborhood. (Some of them would gossip up a bit...) I know better than to argue theology with them, but wevs, live and let live, here, Uncle Greg, have another brat.

Dominionists, on the other hand? Evil, dangerous, theocratic, traitorous, monsters.

  • When articles of this sort (please, dear FSM, read TBogg) began cropping up earlier this week, I made the argument that 'every right-whing politician in Washington ran to have a picture taken with a pedophile.' 
I received some pushback, 'they had their pictures taken before it was known he was a peodophile.' Initially, I accepted the pushback, my writing may be hyperbolic but I try to be accurate. Well, now I'm pushing back. Look at teh timeline and links on that Defamer article.
- It was an open secret by 2006 that this dude fiddled kiddies. -
People knew this in 2006. 9 years ago. Prior to these political Tiger Beat layouts. POLITICIANS HAVE STAFFS TO VET THESE ACTIVITIES. These were not fan pictures because ohhh that Mitt Romney is so adorbs, these were pictures politicians chose to have taken with a famous and visible Family Research Council representative, pictures then promoted by the FRC as proof of their 'access'. So now, I will flat out make this accusation.
Either you did not vet JoshyBob because famous christian, or you vetted him, found this stuff, and decided that you didn't care because famous christian. Either is sufficient evidence that you do not belong near public office.
I have a great idea. Help those girls and jail the abusers for many long times. Then help every child living that particular hell and jail their abusers for many long times.

Then, and only then, and this had better not take longer than a couple weeks, a lot of people need help NOW, join me for a flame and pitchfork party, let's chase every decaying Dominionist bastard out of the U.S. before we lose the U.S.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Please, Dear FSM, May This Be Read By The Right People - Fornicate Ted Cruz!

Ted Cruz is pathetic. Not trying to set up the snark bankshot, he is An Genuinely Useless Peckerneck.

This strawman has been set up and smashed to compost 100 times - "Why are you so interested in my position on fruits pretending to be people, when ISIS is executing them!"

May I paraphrase how I, as a commie faggot-lover poor-person-feeder, read your statement, and correct me if I'm reading you wrong, (I ain'tn't.)? We can beat on, spit on, criminalize, and drive homosexuals out of our communities, out of our families, as long as we don't go all Hank Aaron with a sword?

Into the breach, one more damn time:
Mr. 'Murkin Exceptionalism, you are saying the bar, that we must cross to prove we are a fine, upstanding people, when it comes to the rights of LGBTQ folk, has been set by ISIS. Gotcha, peachy. Way to strive for the betterment of the human race.

Wasn't it your rose-colored-glasses-throughwich-observed St. Ronaldo Reaganski who called us to be a, ummm, 'Shining City On A Hill'? The man who all men wanted to be, and at least one woman wanted to shoe-fuck?
Dear Foot Fetish Magazine, I never thought this would happen to me 
before he was done he had his brown cordovan so deep betwixt my nethers that my fallopians were a size 10 1/2 and my ovaries were slathered in Kiwi polish 
there's now this horrible servant trying to Occupy my Ronnie's orthopedic inserts *hic* 
Nancy's an unappreciative twat, leave him alone you bitch!! *whips empty gin bottle into the mirror*
And now our goal has simply become leapfrogging the bloodthirsty Middle Eastern version of Southern Baptists that former puppet President Footiepajamas ranks as his greatest diplomatic accomplishment?

Jumping the second breach one more damn time:
I'm intelligent. Well, I can find my worksite every morning, and annoy my wife on average less than once per week. I can say a bunch of big wordish thingies, and spell a lot of them too. What I'm getting at, is that I can hold two thoughts at once. I can insist that you shut your piehole about buttsex and 13.6kV vibrators, and at the same time, think ISIS is a bunch of criminal yahoos, who desperately need a sabot between the eyes, and yet are not setting up bases in Guadalajara.

I realize the 90% of your grey matter not actively involved in keeping you upright and reminding you to blink has atrophied to pudding and bile. But you are a senator. Clearly, a senator with an overwhelming habit of marking Teabagger's teabags with as much saliva as your 226+ daily urges allow you to generate, but nevertheless, a member of a very small club.

Would you act like it, you rodent-rapist?

Love, paleo