Sunday, November 16, 2014

This And That

There's this: wrote a listicle today, 5 Reasons The NFL's Way More Evil Than You Thought Possible. It's pretty good for illustration purposes, but misses some examples, and misses the mark badly on Example #3 (The Players Are Screwed as Soon as They Leave the Game).

  • Huge missed example # 1. Ray 'The Murderer' Lewis is working for ESPN Gameday. I know, it's not new or surprising, but still, it bears repeating. Ray 'The Murderer' Lewis gave commentary on the Ray Rice situation. How 'The Onion' stays in business? I suspect a blood spattered altar, Georgio Tsoulokos, and an apparently endless supply of chickens and wildebeests.
  • Missed example # B. Adrian Petersen of the Minnesota Vikings, having been granted a free walk by Texas courts (note my shock) for beating the ever-living hell out of his child, will be playing next weekend. No, I have no inside information, I'm just semi-literate. Imma ignore the terminally fucked NFL systems for enforcement of the minimum standards of being a human being (see: Ray 'The Murderer' Lewis) and say that a ridiculous number of NFL fans will dance in the streets at the official announcement. People suck, Kids!
  • Huge missed mark # Π. Their third argument is that 'The Players Are Screwed As Soon As They Leave The Game', and they speak of pension and health care issues for players post-career, and how they often don't have the skills to survive after football. Cracked is off the mark; for although the pension and health-care issues are very valid, they are missing that the American Football Dream takes the priorities for existing in society and sets them on fire in the middle of a major highway. Any player showing a flash of talent in Pop Warner is done with homework and studying through the end of college. Graduation from college is rare, graduation from college with a career track not involving a paper hat rarer still. Although the NFL drives the dream, society is to blame. High school and college sports need serious reforms, starting with setting the NCAA on fire in the middle of a major highway, following up with setting and enforcing requirements for grading and coursework, and topped off with imprisonment and ball-gagging of any parent trying to re-live their pathetic pasts through their children.

Some of that:

I am recovering from my fourth DVT in 6 years. On the blood-thinner routine, and unfortunately, while Imma not actually call it routine, I'm too familiar with it and run the risk of not taking something that can be very immediately fatal seriously enough, especially when I am so annoyed and difficult to be around. I got shit to do, dammit! Any rate, I'll be on lifelong thinners now, so no tripping and smacking my melon on anything. W00t!

Speaking of football, the goddam Vikings can't even win one of the two or three games* I want them to win per year. And I'M helping to pay for their damn stadium. Bastiges.
*both Bears games and if they play Dallas. Otherwise, lose, bitches.

A bit of wossname:

More revelations from the Catlick Choich regarding ArchBishop Harry Flynn (emer), Vicar General Kevin McDonough, and ArchBishop John Nienstadt for covering up pedophilic priests. Ramsey Cty Atty John Choi ( does not seem to be leaping to empanel a Grand Jury to indict, and send to trial, these bastards, and all the priests they've hidden over the years. Drop him a Christmas Card, whydoncha! 
And for those arguing that the Statute of Limitations has passed, perhaps for this collection of child-porn for this priest. But he's amassed a new collection, almost without question - go to Massachusetts, kick in the worthless fucker's door, and check. And the ArchDiocese was actively covering up this crime until last year, so the crime of aiding and abetting is pretty current. HAMMER THEM.