Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ann Coulter, Living Fail

Read this from Deus Ex Malcontent

I've been as guilty as other in the past of using constructions such as Mann Coulter, and it's wrong, I know, from and to anyone, especially from someone who considers himself very LGBT friendly. Particularly given the fact that she is a truly horrible human being, no core principles whatsoever beyond self-aggrandizement and the Ann Coulter Memorial Yacht Fund, perfect BFF for Windsock Willard, I should be capable of stating my case against her without resorting to prejudiced nonsense.

So, in that spirit.

When you get to hell, say Hi to Breitbart, Cheney, and Falwell. And many members of the Bush Family. David Miscavige. That shrieking moron on CNBC.  Norquist, Ryan, and Greenspan throwing rose thorns and bukkake videos at the feet of your namesake, Ayn Rand. Soundtrack by Beiber.

Hey - you've finally made the A list!

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  1. Re: the post you link, in regards to sledgehammer vs. scalpel:

    Ann Coulter (my preferred appellation is Coultergeist, and it doesn't offend anyone; at least no one living, and anyways, you know, fuck ghosts those incorporeal poseurs): "RETARD RETARD RETARD HA HA HA I AM SO EDGY!"

    Sarah Palin: "Shuck and Jive hah hah there's a dogwhistle no one's used in a while I AM SO CLEVER!"

    President Obama: "Please proceed, Governor"