Sunday, October 14, 2012

Normal People Don't Do This

Damn boss, you are crazy-awesome.

At breakfast, watched this live, as a lunacidal Austrian, Felix Baumgartner, rode a balloon to 23 miles in the air, subspace, jumped from 23 miles in the air, sub-space, to emphasize, 23 DAMN MILES, UP, and fell to earth, including a 4 minute 19 second freefall at over 700 miles an hour.

Slow clap, captain, slow clap!


  1. I used to be great but before I got out of construction I noticed I was getting scarier, and now I'm about the same.

  2. Now this is how to be a millionaire- he's putting his own ass on the line to get his kicks, while the Koch brothers put other people's lives in danger.

  3. order to make a few more dollars they don't need.

  4. Hey, dressage horses don't feed themselves.