Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Daily Jackhole

An Open Letter:

Dear Sir,

I must say your green Explorer stood out in traffic this morning, size of a small country, Eddie Bauer package (so cool, much cooler than me), I can only assume you had the GPS rockin', KQRS Morning PeristalsisShow being humorous at you, probably a rabid lifelong Vikings fan until yesterday (but we'll see next week!) and your window cling, rear window,
I'm Compensating For Your Hybrid
damn dude, I want to hang out with you!

What is it with a certain breed of people, let's call them, 'conservatives', or 'righties', or 'teabaggers', that is it so damnably important to be an asshole? What's the matter with maybe being a little kind to Mother Earth? Some people do need SUV's, its true, and I'm fine with that, although I suspect yours has never seen a road rougher than a Sam's Club parking lot. Go ahead though, have the SUV, it's your right, you can pay for the gas, I drive a small truck and need the hell out of it, couldn't do my life with a Geo anymore. But is your little dick measuring comment really necessary? Compensating is right.

Love, paleo


  1. That is funny, in a "makes me wanna puke" kind of way. I think the weirdest thing about right-wingers is their need to wear their spite on their sleeves. Sure, he thinks he's sticking it to some California hippie or Upper West Side Jewish secular humanist, but he's really saddling himself with an unsafe vehicle which costs a fortune to fuel.

    1. wear their spite on their sleeves, wear their teabags on their heads, and with American flag underpants -

      Funny lookin' peckernecks, ain't they!