Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Need To Invest With This Guy

Think Progress ran a little blurb on steps Ireland is taking to save people's homes.

Down in the comments was this little gem:

clithunt69 (signed in using yahoo)If it is a Fannie or Freddy loan I don't see the problem in reducing the principal. However a moral hazard exists down the road if real estate makes significant gains in a short period of time and the home owner decides to sell at a tidy profit and move to Ecuador.
Let us, in the spirit of x-tian charity, ignore most of the reasons this person is dumb. (Except, Ecuador? Really? I don't even what the.)

However, mister clithunt69, if that is your real name, I must ask a question in a short statement.

Emailing Mom.

Elaborate? Sure, no worries.

From: clithunt69@yahoo.whatever
Subject: FW: Christmas Party

Dear Momma and Gammy, thanks for the socks they our great, I love you to so much!
Love, Clit
Please 'splain? I'm rapt with attention...


  1. You obviously missed the Violentacrez episode, detailed at LGM.

    1. Didn't get too deep into the weeds on it, read it at Marcotte's and LGM.

      I try to safeguard my privacy, primarily for career and family reasons, but I'm not posting anything particularly dumb, just geeky, political, etc. It prolly wouldn't be too hard to ID me if'n you knew what you are doing. Most folks want to stay avatared for the same reasons, career, family. (Also the whole reason I quit Faceblargh).

      But from what I read, Violentawhatsit was a whole 'nother level of stupid/evil.

      Fuck, I don't know.