Monday, October 15, 2012

The Simplest Argument

Let's face it, I bleed Green and Gold, but I have a Viking that I can't help but cheer for.

Chris Kluwe, genuine stand-up dude and truly human being. Yer doing good, man.


  1. Imma still gonna hope he shanks his kicks when the Packers play them.

  2. Well, yeah, gotta have standards. The only time I'll cheer for a devastating earthquake is when the Bears play at Dallas. The only time I'll cheer for Sportscenter is after Berman is convicted for crimes against nature with a tape recorder.

  3. You bleed green and gold? You should get that checked out!

    1. It's an affliction peculiar to Wisconsin - bleed green and gold, anytime you hear the song Jump Around by House of Pain you pray in the direction of Montee Ball, and make fun of FIBs*.

      *Fuckin' Illinois Bastards