Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geek-Gasm 2, Teh Coleco Boogaloo

From the Oct. 6 football game between Ohio State* and Nebraska*, by the OSU marching band:

It should be noted that this is awesome, and a thing in the history of history! To wit, ya gots yer marching band. Old-school video games. Yay and stuff!!!

*Important note regarding college football. OSU and Nebraska are two Big Ten teams, Nebraska as of recently. Both teams and states have histories of turning out serial penguin molesters and country musicians, along with Michigan and Michigan State, and as such should not only be removed from the Big Ten, but from the rolls of NCAA history. Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Iowa, wevs. Northwestern deserves respect because they have for years actually produced student athletes. Minnesota will never amount to anything. Penn State should be burned to the ground, ploughed under, the earth salted, then jumped on. Rinse and repeat.

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  1. That was epic- loved the bit where they did the theme from "Halo". I couldn't imagine driving to that tune... my foot would be heavier than uranium, and I'd end up in the pokey.