Sunday, October 14, 2012

Remodel Bloggling Weeks 6 And 7

It's been a couple busy weeks, 2 weeks of MEP rough-in, but especially E(lectrical), given my tendency to want to hit every item on my wishlist, Sweetie's wishlist, any-damn-thing else I could conceivably conceive of.

And you know what? Pulled it off. Last Tuesday and Wednesday had the full slate of rough-in inspections, getting the goathead.

Thursday, insulators.
Friday morning, drywall. Srsly, the whole damn place in under 4 hours. !!!. The general contractor has frequently been the usual thorn that GCs are, we have complaints but have had resolution (so far). But their crews, my god, their crews, are amazing! Oh yeah, Friday afternoon, first course of tape and mud done. Also. !!!.

Just have a little video tour here, the narrator's voice is me. (Can you believe with that croak that I sing like an angel? Really! background laughter Hush, sweetie! My blog!)

laughpushhootowww This is Sweetie! - my husband is ins- woman!shuffleshufflebackspacetypetypebackspacechecktehvows

Ahem. Video.

Ahem. Blogger is suckage in plaid underwear, and will not allow the loading of video from my own naked lady machine. So, I guess there is now a paleotectonics youtubes channel. Let's try this again.

Ahem. Video.


  1. FYWP also does not allow direct hosting of video, unless you pay for the hosted storage upgrade. I am actually considering that, because I am considering doing some music podcasts....

  2. Bring it! Looking forward to nerdcore night, or teh Canadian clips.

    Theorectally, Bloggie allows short video uploaded from phone through an app, but I'll be damned if I could make it work.

    A Youse-tubez link will work for now, if this particular blog thingy goes anywhere. I have a voice made for mime, but play around a bit with a movie maker, and I am starting a second blog for family history/records/such/stuff wherein I want to host some videos for family to be able to access, and that is something I am gonna have to figure out first.

    1. For that kind of thing, I would recommend checking out FYWP. There's a bit more of a learning curve, but they have a lot more depth than blooger. But they have a lot more flexibility with permissions and varieties of pages and the content you can add. And teh FYWP at SadlyNo has not really occurred at the Empire, so I think it's them...

    2. Noted, I'll take a peeky-see. And I really haven't had too many FYWP moments at SN, although I've broken it twice, I think. Never been to Hyper-Text Mark-up, but I kinda speak the language.