Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vignette From Supper With My Wife

This is a cocktail.

Quite good, made by Sweetie, with love.

CC and Diet Dew.

paleo learned, amidst Sweetie's larfs, that a chopstick, used as a mixer stick, works less well as a straw.



  1. Nice to see you survived your encounter with Pinko's Hate Hurt Now It's OK Now Shoot Me Pandora Station.

  2. Lot of these glasses were involved...

    I dropped him a line at 3Bs, teh playlist is manic-depression defined.

    First 4 songs - Children of the Grave, Mummer's Dance, Half-Breed, and some dastardly turkey by the Gin Blossoms please don't ask me to remember I fucking hate 'em.

  3. Pinko will be so pleased.

    Did you tell him I inflicted it on you?