Tuesday, October 23, 2012

F&%#k 'Em Bucky!

Wonderful Wisconsin sports weekend!

Badgers whomping the Gophers, Montee Ball for the win, 38 - 13. Packers bitchslapping the Rams, 30 - 20 (and it wasn't that close, St. Losers had some stuff in garbage time...)

Open letter to this girl's parents,

Dear Parents of Cool Lil' Chick,

Good job!

Love, paleo

Bestest commercial ever!


  1. Told ya, a virus peculiar to Wisconsin! Or genetic. We are trained, encouraged, nay, compelled to watch the Packers and Badgers.

    I had one cousin, marrying a man from California but at her parent's home in Wisconsin, and he suggested the third weekend in November for the wedding/reception. She thought about it - for like 15 seconds. This was something like like 1995, and that weekend was deer opener, the Badgers last game of the season against the Michigan State Sub-Neanderthals, and the Packers played the Bears the next day. NO ONE FROM WI FAMILY WOULD HAVE ATTENDED.

    She'd have likely gotten many apologies and lovely gifts. No guests.

  2. Or they would have had TVs all over at the reception, and the minister would have had to make score announcements during the ceremony.

    Our TKD club has made score announcements during tournaments. I mean, the Packer scores, not the TKD.

    For a long time, many of my in-laws would never make our annual party, because it was the same day as the Shrine game, and there are tickets involved.

    It's in the water. Or perhaps the beer. Yes, that is more likely.

  3. Re: the picture, I think the parents might need to re-think their allegiances. The wipe container behind the girl is QUITE CLEARLY Vikings themed.