Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Day In Badgerland

I posted this in FaceyourmortalityBook yesterday:

Wisconsin people, get out and vote tomorrow. Take off work to vote. Ask for a ride. Do whatever it takes. Get to the polls. Show them the people will not be used, abused, subjugated, and walked on by the rich. Protect your rights, your communities, your neighbors, your families. Make a noise that drowns out their lies. The rest of us are looking up to you for inspiration tomorrow! VOTE!   *

Today is the recall of Scott "Slurp" Walker, current governor, future convict and focus of a series of documentaries, possibly by Ken Burns, maybe Roger Corman, on Rodentophiles. The Democratic Party has gone out of its way to lose this recall - no major contributions from the DNC, no highly placed presidential surrogates speaking (ooooh!, but they did get Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, a figure known and beloved by easily 6 or 7 Wisconsinites), and they ran a Blue Dog-style mayor who lost to Walker in 2010 and has spent a rapid few weeks trying to convince labor that he has always had their back for the last few weeks. Walker has had a 25 to 1 money advantage, even after making a few contributions to a legal defense fund. And yet, with all this, it is close, and winnable. Can you imagine the bloodbath if the DNC had even pretended to care, if a real Dem had won the nomination? Gaahhh, why can't these jackasses pull their collective head out of their ass?!?!?

*Response, incidentally, was crickets. Tried to be polite, I've taken quite a bit of grief on FB regarding "parading my politics around family members who don't agree with me." Fuck that noise, anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge commie and that I don't give a good goddammit if it bothers 'em. I'm always ready to [verbally] rumble. Bring it or hush.

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