Sunday, June 10, 2012

Unexpected Finds - Due South

Sweetheart and I were shopping Friday. She was looking for useful shit, and I was chauffeuring, carrying, poking around.

(And still being bloody thrilled by the fact SHE'S HOME!)

In my role of poking around, I was looking at the DVD cheap-ass bin, $5 copies of Teh Little Mermoid, Snow White and The Seven Gnomes, Transformers - Rise Of The Fallen, garbage movies and knock-offs, sometimes you find something cool.

I found something cool!

All three DVD seasons* of Due South, five bucks each. Love this show, great characters, fun, action, fan-tas-tic soundtrack (Canadian stuff, Tragically Hip, Captain Tractor, Sarah McLaughlin, Stan Rogers, keerist they are good soundtracks).

There is a (fairly spendy) box collection that I was going to get (but luckily had not yet), but the transfers supposedly have technical problems. I've watched one full disk so far and sound quality and picture are excellent, and there do not to seem to be any soundtrack deletions/substitutions. Serious stroke of luck, for me, Imma thunkin!

*Two abbreviated seasons were put on one DVD because american TV networks are dumb.

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