Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kill The Fatted Calf! (Updated)

Its been a tough week.

Scott Walker survived recall handily. Mitt Romney accused the president of making his Rice Krispies soggy. Teh Repugs successfully filibustered the Paycheck Equity Act. Florida will be continuing their purge of the voter rolls. More body parts have arrived at Canadian schools from the serial killer. The Catholic Church re-affirmed that they are nothing more than another political arm of the Right, slapping down a nun. I've been sick as hell, and have settled in for a nice long course of bronchitis.

My wife returned last night after 11 days away.

It's been a great week. 

*Update: My original post title, "Thursday Morning Coming Down", while not original by any stretch - Johnny Cash is God - may have been subconsciously plagiarized from Mr. Bogg and so has been changed. 


  1. Turdwaffle has an upcoming indictment that may not be as easy to beat as Tom Barrett, however. Not to mention that Congress is a bit miffed that he lied to them in his testimony.

    However, both of those things, as with the recall, are MUCH easier to survive with the Koch Money spigot on your side.

  2. Hey, at least the mulberries are ripening.

  3. and Summerfest is coming. Turdwaffle hasn't canceled Summerfest yet.

  4. ZRM - I read about it, but not only will Turdwaffle have Koch backing, but it's Issa's committee involved, complete fucking fraud, so I don't anticipate anything federally. Maybe we'll see something at the state level.

    Are you in SE WI? Who's at Summerfest this year? Saw so many good shows over the years...

  5. B^4, loves me some mulberries, jam, wine. Bad for the stinkabetes tho. Pbbbffflltt!

  6. Bob mould doing all of Copper Blue.... Fountains of Wayne, Heartless Bastards, Trampled by Turtles....

    Aw hell, just stop by the SummerfestBlog: