Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Fallout Begins

This is hardly a shock.

After Turdwaffle*, better known among the wingnut population as rising rock star Scott "teh Flunker" Walker, survived, through the grace of god and a number of $250,000 contributions; from Diane Hendricks, the richest woman in WI, worth a billion, and who paid zero taxes in 2010; The Koch Brothers, who didn't really stand to gain much, not really, ummm...; and other rich scum; there was gonna be an effect.

It started.

Architect of the Bush Budget Mitch Daniels declared, on the Sunday morning right-wing-pundit-o-rama, that public sector unions are the cause of all our ills. Someone said teh other day, (and I'd love to credit them, I just can't remember where,) that the WI voters decided that teachers and garbagemen are to blame for WI's economy being in hell.

The Stepford Candidate is gleefully rubbing his hands, salivating at the chance to end the American Social Contract once and for all. Fuck those poors. 

Are you kidding me?

*thanks ZRM!


  1. Convenient to ignore all those months of protests and millions of recall signature saying the exact opposite thing, and that the exit polls said the recall was not so much a vote to uphold the anti-union acts, but rather a referendum on the validity of the recall process itself... something the Democrats never even pushed back against.

    Also conveniently ignoring the nut-punching Kasich got when he tried a similar move (Wisconsin does not have a similar ability to put legislation to a referendum vote)

    Hitch your wagon to Turdwaffle, Rmoney, the John Doe probe is about to get a bit hotter.

  2. I just posted on this today- the City of Y______ is planning on cutting the budget for the fire department.

  3. Gonna be a rough trek and a looong year.

    "Until those firemen man up and work for less, we'll just pull up our own bootstraps! Galt! Galt! Stop Paying People! Stop Paying People!" Shorter Dead Andrew Breitbart, Brentwood Speedbump, Coca-Leaf Cowboy