Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Damn, I Miss My Wife

Day 10 of my captivity. The Commandant is on my bed, giving me 40 lashes...

...with her tail, and purring. 

My sweetie has been in Yurp for 10 days now, returning tomorrow, and the gods of air travel, jet lag, and employment have created a situation such that we really won't get to talk much until Friday - GODDAMMIT. 

My part of her vacation, the blackjack and hookers part, has been interrupted by a week of New And Improved Death, Microwaveable, Now With Retsyn ©®™, leaving me with the much more necessary but far less hookery tasks of chauffeur; snorking down chicken soup in a manner that would scar small children and, ummm, chickens; and cleaning house.

Her part of her vacation involves fun, dinners with views like this:
and cable car trips up the Zugspitze.
I love her but it ain't right! Oh well...

The cable car thing is today, well, now, which means I could not Skype her this morning (for me), which only reinforces the fact that I miss my wife. Uggghhh. (Also, Skype for mobile devices? Greatest fucking thing evar!)

The primary purpose of her trip is to see her newest, firstest nephew, which also means the boy is getting spoiled rotten. That's okay, I'm good with that, kids are cool, I've tried with my nieces/nephews. But some of the toys taken for Young Master Carpetsquirrel include finger puppets. Please tell me that I am a cynic; or, is this disturbing on way too many levels?

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