Thursday, June 28, 2012

O Happy Day!

Everyone has heard the good news - the Affordable Care Act was upheld almost in it's entirety. Even that evil motherfucker John Roberts, while taking several pointed jabs at President Obama, voted to uphold. The beautiful sound of exploding melons was heard all over the wingnutosphere, with a couple of the champs being Demint; "I'm not actually named after Ayn" Rand "but I paw the pants puppet to John Galt" Paul; and teh Virgin Ben Shapiro.

However, there is equally bad news. Three other evil motherfuckers, "Fat Tony" Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Simple Sammy Alito, along with wishy-washy motherfucker Anthony Kennedy, a man who has never found an argument he'd accept the same way twice, made very clear that protection of the people is for pussies.

I said I'd return to this again and again. Russ Feingold is not running. We have Barack Obama. We can apply pressure to him, and can and have gotten a number of things done. One of them is not single-payer, but we're a step closer. We need to elect good liberals, the Graysons, the Darcy Burners, frakkin' Feingold, yes, but even moderate dems can be reasoned with and pushed.*

We get president Windsock Mitt, replacing as many as 4 (possible predicted retirements) Supreme Court Justices, and I guar-an-damn-tee that the most pleasant of any of them will be like Satan's less-well-tempered little brother. Willard and his crew believe in only one thing - they individually do not have enough money. Also, that magic underwear is cool. Oh, $77k per year spent on a horse that can marengue is pocket change but they still deserve a tax deduction for it. And the platoon of cabbage-headed sons that Ann front-pooped will never have to serve in an military unit tougher than the Boy Scouts. So, he believes in four things.  As long as said nominee promises to deliver on those lil' items, hypothetical Judge Lecter will have free rein to return the United States to our glory years, the 90's. The 1690's.

*THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO BLUE DOGS, who should be driven from public life with extreme prejudice.


  1. Yeah, more and better democrats are needed. Romney wants to be feudal lord of the U.S. I think he'd make a great King of Kolob.

    1. I'm imagining a new book in the Mormon Whatsit (Bible? Dunno...)

      The Song Of Willard

      "And lo, he did have 900 wives, and 900 dressage horses, and 3600 sons of Cain to clean the dressage horses, and their issuance was that of, ummm, horses, and he had wildebeests, and platypuses, and echidnas, and coelecanths, and cabbage-headed children many in number. And he proclaimed that the trees be of the right height."

    2. Also, Blogger should be beaten with a spork. No edit function on comments?!?! What a shock...