Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Light Lunchtime Linkage

I’ve been reminded of Milwaukee Summerfest recently, which made me think of Summerfest 1997 or 98. We had Collective Soul, on the ‘Collective Soul’ tour, and the Foo Fighters with ‘The Colour and The Shape’, on the same day, and overlapping times – fuck. It was hard to choose, in the end we chose Collective Soul. Now, clearly, the Foo fighters have been more successful, and they have earned it, still putting out amazing stuff, but I gotta say Collective Soul has been consistently very good for just as long, and the album ‘Collective Soul” still really holds up.

The shuffle widget on this music thingie later gave me Vans by Suicide Machines. I aint young no more but damned if it don’t make me try to boogie. Badly, I’m old, round, and crabby. But thrash nevertheless.

I’ve said before that I believe in everything – Bigfeets, ghosties, beasties, UFO’s, gnomes (see them everywhere!), Jersey Devils. Years of looking, but only rarely having any sort of personal experience, have not cooled my interest. One of the ways I keep informed is through podcasts.

On the way to work this morning I was listening to Beyond The Edge Radio podcast, made by Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. This show featured author Dave Coleman and his book The Bigfoot Filmography.

I want this book, sounds great! (Sorta severely spendy for what it is, however.)

I know I’m a bit of an outlier, believing in cryptozoology and paranormal topics, but you have to admit that with (still) no mainstream consensus, Bigfoot has amazing cultural penetration. The Patterson-Gimlin film

has been referenced countless times. There’s The Six Million Man show from the 70’s with the lunchboxes, action figures, Lindsay Wagner (ok, I was a bit young for puberty, but she didn’t slow the onset any) – Andre The Giant played Bigfoot on at least 1 episode. The Legend of Boggy Creek, which is great and cheesy, or greated cheese. Asylum-style SyFy channel releases like Sasquatch Mountain (ugghhh!) with Tim Thomerson and Lance Henriksen. The fantastic Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie. (Which is hard to describe, and actually, Bigfoot is really only a unifying thread to the movie, a documentary, but it is really very good! I think it’s on Netflix. See it!)

At any rate, happy Sunday all! I’ll just stay at work for the rest of the day pppbbllfffttt!!!


  1. I've always been fond of that Collective Soul album too.

    I am pretty sure I was there that night, I remember considering CS, but we didn't go that way. I know it wasn't the Foo Fighters either, I may check the book when I get home and see who was there that night that may have commanded my attention...

    where do you stand on zombies?

  2. Have you ever run across Bigfoot pr0n? With Rule 34 and all, it has to exist.

    1. DO. NOT. WANT.

      Actually, I think I've seen it on the cover of Weekly World News, "Bigfoot Fathered My Baby".

      And I expect to see it on Teh Bristol Palin Variety Hour.