Saturday, June 2, 2012

In Which Paleo Learns Stuff About The 'Comments' Feature

I've been informed by a couple people that comments do not seem to go through, and although I know I have a ways to go before becoming a blogging force unknown in the history of the steamrolling of the thingys and the stuff, I have a couple readers and hoped for a few more comments.

Upon review of my account, comments were limited to 'members', whatever in the hell that means, so that restriction has been removed, and anyone who has anything to say about the morass of bullshit I post here, please try again, I genuinely welcome any feedback and want to improve my writing, and I love any snark bombs!

Love, paleo


  1. I'm glad you got that sorted out. Another thing, you may want to ditch the spam filter. I found the word verification a pain in the ass, so I tossed it. The spam comments really don't pile up, and some of them are hilarious, so it's no loss at all.

  2. Can't find the spam filter setting, I've had a few "This is a very interesting post and I will share it with all my friends. Are you concerned about your penis size?" sort of bullshit. But, I didn't know about the damnable captcha, so I just wrapped an anchor around its neck and tossed it overboard, those things are teh suckage, I can't read 'em, and without a studio-quality sound analyzer I can't understand 'em when they give you the audio option. Thanks!

  3. No problems from down here paleo. This is unusual since Google improved ever'thing.