Tuesday, March 27, 2012

As A Species, We Fail Math Forever

Our need to control our environment, but not the green part of it.

Tips to win the $363M lottery this week. Let me put a touch of emphasis where appropriate.

Tips to win the $363M lottery this week.

I won't be accused of hypocrisy here - I'm in a work pool for tickets, it'd be very nice to win a split of that, I've already picked out the boat, land, and electric fence. But I, and probably the majority of people playing, don't have any illusions, for good or ill.

Yes, you do have to play to win, and yes, people do win it. And more people, right now, a poop-pile more people, playing does not mathematically change the odds of one particular ticket to win over another - I am not going to do the math, it's some sort of one in several billion chance thingy, but each individual set of numbers faces the same odds. And if you buy 100 tickets instead of one, you change your odds from one in several billion to 100 in several billion, which in the greater scheme of things ain't much. It is luck. Live with it.

Its a nice dream, I get it, I have 'em too. But an on-line NEWS AGGREGATOR is posting Tips to win the $363M lottery as though this is useful, needed information, you know, news?!?! Really?

This is not merely a disservice to we the people, this is fucking criminal.

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  1. During my high school years, I worked with a geezer who bought fifty dollars worth of lottery tickets every week- he'd play particular numbers, in the hope that they were "due". About every other month, he'd hit for about fifty bucks., and kid himself that he was ahead of the game The whole spectacle put me off from the lottery. I've never purchased a lottery ticket in my life- I don't even know how it's done.